27 June 2014 - Age of extinction! SPOILER ALERT

Semalam tetibe je Daddy ajak tengok Age of Extinction..
Pukul 10.30mlm!
Sudah nye Qis tak sekolah hari ni..
Ye la kalau pukul 1 lebih baru habis, baru sampai rumah, baru nak tidur, camne nak gi sekolah?
Cian Qaiser kena tinggal..
Memang plan nak bawak tapi menunggukan pukul 10 tuh dia pun dah tertido..
Takpe la baby, nanti ma bawak tengok citer Dragon OK!
Age of Extinction, Duration: 165 minutes!
Amik ko.. sampai lenguh² pinggang aku duduk 165 minit!
If you ask me, I would say the movie is just so-so..
Will not be my favourite Transformers movie..
It's just weird without Megan Fox's hotness and Shia Lebouf's geekie but athletic character...
Too much going on in a movie.. with the Galvatron, Dead Lock, dinobots and watching Ratchet died at the beginning of the movie is a bit of a turn off for me..
But the resurrection of Optimus Prime kinda brought the movie back to life..
And Bumblebee of course.
but that's about it.
Or maybe I didnt quite enjoy the story because I was tired and sleepy..
And the family who sat on the couple sit behind us just couldnt stop talking..
And who would bring babies to this kinda movie??
I dont know.
Go watch and tell me how it goes OK?
On another note, balik keje semalam ibu cakap takde air since 2PM..
This morning macam kejap ade kejap ada..pastu slow..
macam takde pressure gitu..
Yes yes, it's all over the news...
But what the heck.. you expect me to believe that power failure for 2 hours is causing this issue??
Seriously man..
Or are you just covering up for the you-know-who's stupid call a couple of months back?
Come on la... nak puasa nih!!
Haihh!! This is unaaceptable..
Whatever it is, I hope the issue can be rectified ASAP..
1- serabut la tengok pinggan bersepah dalam sink
2- Tak boleh nak masak
3- Daddy upah kawan dia pasang tiles kat pantry belakang ni... Nanti camne nak cuci bersihkan sumer?? Nak buat keje kena pakai air gak kan?? Haihh salah timing..
Apepun, moga Allah permudahkan untuk umat manusia yang affected by the water issue..
Lelagi yang ada anak kecik!

Have a great weekend people!

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