23 June 2014 - Daddy hits the 4 series

Today encik Daddy turns 40..
So yesterday we went to Kak Long's house in Damansara to celebrate Daddy's birthday with Tok Ma..
Tak de la party ke apa..
Kak Long masak ayam masak merah favourite Daddy..
And then we ordered pizza..
Qistina bought the cake for her Daddy with her own money that she has collected..
and dia jugak yang pilih cake tu untuk Daddy..
Mama tolong drive kan ke bakery shop je.. :P
So Daddy,
Happy Birthday!
Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki...
Thank you for being a good husband and father..
We love you!

*Mama blur blur je letak 5 candles.. bila tengok photo balik baru perasan mama letak 5 candles... What is wrong with me! :P


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