18 June 2014 - Lost

I love my job but lately I'm feeling a bit lost..
I am not a manager..
I used to have one until she is transferred to another entity in March but she was supposed to still supervise me remotely..
And she is not even that far!
Just a couple of LRT stations away..

Turns out when she started her new role in the other entity, she got caught up with a lot of work and was always busy..
Often I feel neglected..
But somehow she manage to make me feel like everything is OK when she came by the office every once in a blue moon.

I was assigned to a new manager effective 1st June.
Just when I'm starting to feel like things are going to be OK with this manager, they hired a new manager who will be replacing this manager.
Are you following me?

Anyway, now I am stuck with a few things on my list which are supposed to be handed over to the new manager by my old manager!
I mean that's why they allow the old manager to stay when the new manager comes in right?
To do the hand over??
Instead they just left them hanging...with me!
Why do you have such high expectations on me?
I dont know what to freaking do!

I need to talk to someone.

Not so XoXo

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