10 June 2014 - Oh my kitchen cabinet!!! Finally!

Yesterday my kitchen cabinet is finally done!
Qis la yang bagitau through WhatsApp.. Siap hantar gambar...
Nasib baik masa tu lagi half an hour nak balik...
Kalau tak restless la mama dia ni kat ofis tak sabar nak tengok cabinet baru... :P
Too excited! 

Now we have a lot of space to keep our things..

I am not thrilled with the tiles work..
But they did a very good job with the cabinets..
Actually abang yang buat cabinet ni memang specialized in cabinets only...
Tiles tu orang lain yang buat.. kawan dia kot?

The built in dish rack

So last night jenuh la mengemas pinggan mangkuk and tupperware² masuk dalam almari..
Bila dah siap pun ada 1 whole cabinet still empty..
I am a bit sceptic on whether the dish rack can hold that many dishes or not..
But my dad said of course they have tested the quality..
OK. Im gonna give it the benefit of a doubt..
Hopefully it iwll not cost me my pinggan mangkuk... :P

Black granite table top and Hadassah door panels

If you like the cabinet, you can deal with Abang Fakhri..
I will not reccommend him for the tiles work though..
He is the owner of Zonara Cabinet Industries
He has a factory in Rawang and his contact number is 0126146654
I like him because he is very flexible.. boleh la kalau nak mintak tolong tampal dinding pecah kat area cabinet tu ke ape.. Something like that...
The total number of days worked on this cabinet is around 6 or 7 days..
It's just that they came in like 2 days a week, that's why it seems like it is taking so long to complete it...

So there...
My experience with kitchen cabinet...
Having contractors coming to your house for renovation..
The thing that I cant stand was merely the dust that comes from the tiles cutting...
Other than that I dont have anything else to complain..

Next on the list, build in wardrobe..
Simpan duit dulu ye...

P/S: It's my dad's birthday today.. Happy 64th birthday Abah! Semoga panjang umur dan diberikan kesihatan yang baik.. I am thankful that you are around, helping me with the kids and sometimes even having to put up with my mood swings... There is nothing that I can do to repay you.. I love you!

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