7 May 2014 - My first of May and first Moanday of May

Since Labour Day fell on Thursday I decided to take the Friday off too...
4 days went by sooo fast even though I only managed to do a little bit of sewing..
Time flies when Im not doing anything!

On Thursday I got so bored I curled my hair with my hair straightener.. how's that..
I plan do sew some handmade gifts for my nieces.. All 4 of them had their birthday in April..
That didnt happen..

On Friday, I bought myself a brand new freestanding cooker..
Lepas amik Qis balik sekolah, semangat la kami berempat; aku Qaiser, Qis & atuk pergi survey harga kat Bandar Baru Ampang..
Kalau ikut hati nak beli terus tapi encik Daddy suruh tunggu sampai dia balik kerja baru beli...
Lepas dah survey harga, aku balik and google for review.
Yep I like to do that..
And banyak review kata dapur Europa bagus..
The oven can bake nicely..
So aku pun buat keputusan nak beli Europa..
Kat BBA ni Europa cost RM1450.. Zanussi around RM1680 tapi kena order..
I dont have the patience to wait.. :P

So bila Encik Daddy balik, kitorang pun pergi merempit berdua ke BBA...
Sudah nya Europa entah kemana, Zanussi entah kemana...
Daddy decided to get an ELBA freestanding cooker for RM1600...just coz his mom is using ELBA *sigh*And he managed to made them to deliver it rightaway!
So I spend Saturday morning cleaning the kitchen, to give way to our new stove..

I love the glass polkadot cover... :P

Next on the list before Aidilfitri is a new kitchen cabinet..
Kalau korang tengok dapur aku sangat la daif nya..
Kitchen cabinet sekarang da macam nak roboh..!
Well actually raya last year dah roboh pun... Somehow Daddy managed to put it together again..

And I spent the rest of Saturday running errands and stock up the groceries..
Kengkononnya nak bawak Tok Ma shopping kat Jakel.. but by evening semua dah kepenatan... tido..

And then on Sunday, we went to a cousin's wedding at Langat...
That is the only time when I get to meet my makcik makcik...

When I came back to work on Monday, I had the worse Monday blues ever!
I had to move down to level 26th from 28th..
All of the packing and unpacking...

And to make it worse, my lunch buddy was transferred to another entity..
Which is 3 LRT stations away..
I felt so lost!

But we still catch up during lunch time..
I'll go and visit her at Ampang Park..
So things are not so bad after 3 days now..

I have soooo many sewing projects in my head..
I just couldnt find the time to do it..

I hope I'll get to complete some of it this weekend..
Look forward to Friday again!



eijah said...


Hai..saya pun tengah cari dapur free standing. Boleh saya tahu apa nama kedai kat bandar baru ampang tu.

Terima kasih


Hanie Ly said...

Sorry Eijah... baru perasan msg u... kedai tu nama me & u kalau x silap. Sebaris dgn KFC bandar baru ampang...