25 May 2014 - Oh my kitchen cabinet!!! Part 4 (and a little bit of some other stuff)

Last Friday masa aku sampai rumah around 12 ish 2 orang contractors tu tengah buat keje...
Nampak macam dorang tengah pasang frame kayu..
There were a lot of noises..
So lepas lunch aku bawak Qis and Qaiser lepak rumah Min...
Dah lama tak visit baby Raykal..
Last time I visited them Mine was in her confinement..
Sekarang dah 2 bulan dah...

Since Dayang kena pick up Mia from school, we left Mine's house a little bit after 5PM..
Bila aku samapi rumah the contractors have left..
And dorang dah siap simen..
and kemas.. :)

The Management wont allow any renovation to take place on Saturday & Sunday (walaupun kekadang ade je aku dengar bunyik drilling pepagi bute on a Saturday or Sunday... very... annoying!)..
So Sabtu Ahad, cuti.

I guess this is where the 2 sinks are going to be...

I planned to do a LOT of sewing on Satuday but that did not happen...
Lepas lunch I took Qis and Qaiser pergi Specktrum Ampang AKA Giant..
Saje bawak dorang tengok movie..
Everyone kept saying Spiderman is awesome so it made me wanna see how awesome Spiderman is...

Aku ingat nak gi KLCC ke..
But then Qis and Qaiser nak main kat Jungle... Nasib baik kat Ampang ni ada local cinema... :P

Love the couple seat!

Qis made that face coz the drink that she is holding is cold.. I dont know why Qaiser made that face.. but I just love this photo :P

Lepas dah habis movie dorang nak main kat Jungle pulak...
Jungle ni tempat bebudak main kat sebelah amusement park..
OK je ... dorang suke..
I let them play for almost an hour..

Yes.. it's just us three... Daddy bukan suke keluar lama-lama..
Kalau tengok movie, tengok movie je lah... lepas tu balik...
Besides Daddy sakit kaki..
So kene rest kat rumah...
I OK je.. asalkan Daddy yang sponsor.. :P

We reached home a few minutes before 7PM...
Tengok - tengok the ugly blue walls dah jadi putih...
Daddy kerjakan dinding dapur rupanya..
I am just so glad that the ugly blue walls are gone!

I can't wait to give this kitchen a makeover!!

It's Monday again tomorrow...
I'll be looking forward to Friday again as usual..

In the meantime, I hope I can get some sewing done today...


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