23 May 2014 - Oh my kitchen cabinet!!! Part 3

OK..So this is how my kitchen looks like after Day 1 of the renovation...
Half of my kitchen actually..
I'm gonna give this contractors 1 BIG STAR because they tidied up the place before they left for the day...
I mean takdela nak biar simen or batu bata bersepah in the kitchen...

And until the kitchen cabinet is ready, my kitchen is all over the house..
I mean thermos kat hall..
the food and everything...
I dont mind it though..

Too excited kot?

Aku suka tengok dapur tu nampak luas je without the cabinet..
I've never seen it without the cabinets before..
I hope I'll like it more when the cabinets are completed!

We gotta get rid of the blue wall!! ugh!

Nampak cabinet atas yang dorang dah cabut tu?
They have moved it to the back as discussed.
Atas pintu..
And it looks neat..
Hopefully as neat as the new cabinet will be...

My reporter, Miss Qistina kata, dorang cucuk besi tu and potong, cucuk and potong tu yang ambik masa lama...
I guess that is the frame for them to put the cement on?
We'll see how the progress is today...
Nothing can ruin my Friday coz I'll be home by 12.30PM..
Pick up Qis from school and..
Rasa cam nak bawak dorang tengok Spiderman today?


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