7 April 2014 - Keeping fit

Last Friday Dyg rang me and ask if I wanted to go and eat chicken rice..
So she fetched me.. and Qaiser... and we went to Ampang Point for Linda Onn Chicken Rice..

She has started going to the gym a couple of weeks ago..
So everytime I see her, all she talks about is keeping fit, gym routines, and oh how hot the gym-goer bodies are! *drool*

How can I not be influenced by all of that??

One tiny problem.. common excuse- I dont have time to go to the gym!!!
My daily ritual is basically waking up at 5.30am, Go to work, Come home at 5.30pm, Cook, do the laundry etc etc..
By the time I'm finished with the house chores I am already exhausted and ready to hit the sack.

It got me thinking - but then.. who said anything about going to the gym?

Last Saturday while I was listening to Juliet by Lawson, I suddenly thought now this song is a great song to work out to..So I started You Tubing and no, I couldnt find any work out video to the song Juliet, but I found the next best thing..
Zumba dance to Brave.. Like it's a calling(just bear with me here) for me to start excercising..
I love Brave!

So I started doing this zumba dance... And yes, by the end of Sunday I have memorized the steps..
Qistina too!! :P

I thought that was enough for me.. but Dayang came and hang out at my place again on Saturday..
And started showing me some photos of this lady's toned butt!!
Damn.. Who doesnt wanna have hot ass..??

So on Sunday I started with 3 rounds of the Zumba dance..
And 2 rounds of Butt Workout..
with Qis and Qaiser..
Inside my room..!

At the end of the session I was panting and sweating like crazyyyy!!

And today my thighs and butt hurts like hell..
Uhuh.. right on my face!
At least I know it's working.. -_-'

Am I going to do these routines again and get that beautiful toned butt?? Maybe..!


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