21 April 2014 - Cottage Patch - Quilter's heaven

I've heard about Cottage Patch a looong time ago from my sister...
She kept saying it's near Ampang Point Shopping Center..
But everytime I drive past Ampang Point I couldnt find it..

Recently I found it on Google Map while blog hopping..
And I finally saw it when Daddy drove pass the flyover in front of Ampang Point.
No wonder I never find it, we dont use that flyover much...and the shop is kind of hidden...
From Ampang Point you will not see it because of the flyover!

It is a very old shop.. it's been there for over 20 years!
So on Friday, I took the children and atuk to Ampang Point..
I was so excited to visit this lovely shop..
There are lovely quilts hanging on the wall.. all kinds of handmade crafts on display..
Quilt magazines.. They even have Patchwork classes.. RM250 for 6 hours..
I think I just might sign up.. It'll be so much fun!

This is what I bought:
1. Olfa cutting mat (the one that I have is for paper cutting. Somehow my rotary cutter wont work well on the mat so cutting fabric is horrible)
2. Olfa rotary cutter (the one that I have now is Senorita that I bought a few years ago. The blade is blunt and the screw is rusted. I had to press really hard to cut the fabric)
3. Olfa Frosted Ruler (Because I simply dont have one! And it's just so hard to use measuring tape and do the cutting at the same time!)
4. And of course, Qistina had to buy something too. She picked the green charm pack to make a new pencil box (in progress coz I forgot to buy a zipper)

Whoever says sewing is cheap, obviously has no idea how much these things cost!
But it's all worth it. I absolutely LOVE them!
So I'm crazy cutting fabrics over the weekend because it is just soooo smooth and easy now!!
That's money well spent I would say..

So I happily completed the long overdue purple quilt for Fara..
Happily cutting the fabric with my shiny new rotary cutter and ruler and self-healing cutting mat for the binding..
(can you tell how excited and in love I am with them??) :D
And they are definitely cheaper than buying online..
Oh and Cottage Patch sells batting too!! Duh~ it's a quilter's heaven..of course they have battings.. Lots and lots of battings!!
Now I dont have to buy online and wait a couple of days to receive them...

OK OK enough about Cottage Patch, starry eyes and everything..
I'm ending this post with Encik Qaiser..
Whenever we go to Ampang Point, we will drop by Cash Converter..
This time, to get Qistina a guitar (she suddenly feels like learning how to play a guitar and atuk is willing to teach her)
That's when Qaiser saw this awesome, not so shiny Batmobil.
It was actually a Lamborghini Bumper car.. and it costs RM899!!
As much as I love to make him happy I will never ever spend that much money on a toy car!!

Sorry Qaiser..

Just a photo as memory though..
Just look at his face!! Smiling thinking Mama is going to get it for me!!
Sadly nope.. not this time little guy..


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