17 April 2014 - Short but sweet

Last weekend we went on a road trip to a short getaway...
We didnt decide to go until Thursday when I made the hotel reservation.
Well, with so many things happening at work.. and water rationing.. and stuff, I would say this was a much needed holiday for us...
Even though it was only for the weekend.

We went to Thistle PD...
As soon as we got inside the hotel room I told the children 'This weekend is your weekend. You are free to do whatever you want!'
And the first thing they did was change into their swim suits and jump on the bed..

Qis really likes the slide on the swimming pool..
Qaiser.. well he likes the playroom and the big boardgames and the playground.. but of course, how can he leave his tiny cars at home...
Daddy loves to hang at the balcony of the hotel room and just chill by the pool..(and the bundle shop at the roadside just a few KM away from Thistle..)As for me, I just love the smell of the ocean.. the beach.. and the sun! :P

Thanks for taking us there Daddy...
Although it was just for 2 days and 1 night but it was a very relaxing weekend..
Most importantly, the children had so much fun..
At least I get to take my mind off some things for a while..
Qis and Qaiser kept telling me how they miss Thistle already!
Even I cant wait for our next trip!

Now, please excuse me.. I have a quilt to finish...!


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