10 April 2014 - Facebook

One of the good things about Facebook is it brings people closer even though we dont get to see each other often...
Another thing is it helps u connect with long lost friends..
and enemy!

While I was out at KLCC for lunch today my phone beeped and I saw a new friend request and I just ignored it..
I would normally just ignore new friend request coz FB is very private to me..
My FB is only for people I know. Friends and families.
No stranger. Although I am pretty sure there are 1 or 2 strangers in my friend list..too lazy to clean it up.

Anyway, when I got back to the office I was curious to see who this Ana is..
So I browsed her photos.. She looks familiar alright...
After a few photos I was quite sure that this is the girl who likes to mess with me way back when I was staying in Kajang during my teenage years..
One of my sworn enemy..
But she looks different now that she is wearing hijab.. she looks different now that it has been 15 years later..!!

I contemplated on whether I should approve her request or just ignore her..
I was thinking whether I should hate her for something that happened 15 years ago or just pretend like I have forgotten all about it..
There's that weird feeling trying to remember how it all ended..
I dont think we even tried to amend the friendship back then..

In the end, I decided to approve her request and say hi.. not really.. I actually said 'hey, you look familiar but I'm not sure.. sape eh?'
She replied saying it's Ana..who used to stay at Kajang and had sleepovers at my house..
So I replied back 'Owh it's u.. yang suka carik pasal dengan aku dulu...' (Owh it's u..the girl who likes to mess with me back then)

Yeah..I just had to mention that..
But she was so cool about it that we started to chat and catch up.. and even trade our phone numbers..!

I guess after 15 years it's better to just let bygones be bygones.. I have forgotten whatever the hell it was that bothered us so much.. We were 17..
We've grown out of it..
We're moms now..
Our priorities has changed.


Here's to a new start..


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