29 April 2014 - What sick people do at home..

Semalam MC duk rumah satu hari..
Pepagi dah gi klinik amik ubat..
Since air tengah takde, doc siap cakap 'Kalau nak pakai toilet klinik saya charge RM2.50'Hampeh nye doc..

Anyway, biasalah bila duduk kat rumah sekejap je dah petang..
Nak kata aku layan tidur tak ade lah sangat pun..
Menjahit ni pun dah pukul 5 petang baru aku start on mesen jahit antik aku tuh..
So ape je yang aku buat kat rumah?
Hmm entah..

Aku masak bubur je semalam.. Dah tu je yang doc kata boleh makan..
Sudah nye Qaiser sorang yang keje kan bubur aku tuh..
Sedappp maa kate dia.. :P

* * *

Aku start potong kain untuk quilt ni since last 2 weeks..
Pastu aku jahit slow - slow..
Ikut mood..

Semalam aku dah siap sandwich and pin kan so aku cuma jahit quilt kan aje..
And aku tak rasa macam nak bind so aku cheat sikit..
Aku just lipat kan ke dalam, both atas and bawah, pastu jahit je atas.. topstitch kot dorang panggil..
Dah siap..
Something different tuk meja makan..
Should have made it a bit bigger though..

Maybe next time..


28 April 2014 - Pusat Sains NEGARA!! :S

Sabtu lepas aku and Dayang bawak budak-budak pergi Pusat Sains Negara...
Since aku malas nak drive sampai Bangsar, aku park kat ofis and bawak bebudak naik LRT sampai Bangsar..
Qaiser pun tak pernah naik LRT, saje bagi dia rasa naik LRT..
Then meet up with Dayang kat spa dia at Telawi...

Bersemangat la bebudak ni nak pergi Pusat Sains Negara...
Alhamdulillah walaupun bas sekolah bersepah, kereta double park, agak senang kitorang nak cari parking...
Cuaca pun mendung.. tapi belum hujan...
Just nice.

Kitorang bagi bebudak explore ape yang ada...
Ramai orang so dalam half an hour je kepala aku da pening...

Then hujan.. Dalam tu pun hujan OK.
Seriously... bocor... you can see pails everywhere..
And water dripping everywhere...!
Memang memalukan..
And most of the exhibits doesnt work...
Kitorang pun ape lagi... Pergi layan movie lagi syok...

Dari Mont Kiara ke KLCC..
Makan and layan Rio 2..

They should at least maintain the place..
Or shut it down..
Malu weh kat tourist...

Anything with wheels/steering wheels, bagi la kat Qaiser...

Inside the 'womb' but the sound doesnt work... -_-'

Sudah nye sampai ke Avenue K... singgah Daiso before movie... :P

Hari ni aku MC...
Duk tercirit birit dari semalam..
Dah la air takde.. memang haru...
Bukan aku sorang je. abah, Qis, everyone yg makan lunch yg aku tapau semalam...
Air tangki da kering nih...
Masak laaa nak tunggu air masuk esok...
* sigh *


25 April 2014 - Dia

Hari ni aku nak citer pasal encik Qaiser..
Lately ni hari-hari tanya aku kalau tak pun dia yang bagitau aku whether esok aku keje or cuti...
Dia akan cakap macam ni:
Esok, mama keje...

Esok mama cuti ke?
Sometimes daddy, atuk, kakak Qis pun dia akan tanya benda yang sama..

Sian dia bosan tak de orang nak teman dia main kat rumah agaknye..

Lagi satu, dia suka cakap 'nasik nasik'..
Ape tu nasik nasik?
Hahaa dia tak pelat tapi ada certain words yang dia tak dengar dengan betul..
Bila kita betulkan baru dia boleh sebut perkataan tu properly..
Contoh ni la.. nasik nasik..

Mama ni nasik nasik lupa..
Kakak ni nasik nasik tido kan ma?
Hahaha yea betul...! Nasik nasik ialah asyik asyik... :P

And then bila azan..
Bila dengar azan je dia akan jerit (walaupun kakak dia duduk kat sebelah je... ikut mama la tu jerit² :P)Dia akan jerit macam ni

Kakaaaaak!! Dah azan!!
Lepas tu dia akan bagitau semua orang, dah azan..
Bila orang amik wudhu dia pun sebok amik wudhu..
Bila orang solat dia pun sebok solat sekali..
So bila dia nak join solat aku akan baca niat solat bagi dia dengar dulu... dia akan tengok aku sambil tersengih lebar..
Lepas tu baru mula solat..
Sejuk hati tengok encik Qaiser..

Tapi ada satu benda yang aku tak tahan dengan encik Qaiser ni, asal pergi kedai je nak toy baru..
Tak kisah la pegi memane pun.. mesti dia nak toy baru..
Memang ler... salah aku..asyik belikan dia toys je..
Tapi lepas last weekend, no more toys for Encik Qaiser!!
Sebab penat aku mengemas toy box dia..
ada 3 kotak ok!!
Kereta dia dah berlambak²! Trucks.. lorry.. bus.. semua ada!
So udah² la dengan toys dik..
No more..!


Semua panggil Encik Qaiser adik kat rumah..
Tapi bila aku marah aku akan panggil nama dia.. Qaiser!!
Kejap lagi dia balas balik 'Adik laaah! Bukan Qaiser!'
Tapi bila orang tanya nama, pandai pulak cakap Nik Qaiser Nasr Bakti! :P

Kadang² datang nakal dia, saje nak cari pasal dengan orang..
Bila mama marah , makin dia buat..
Nak kena peluk, baru berhenti melawan..

Kadang² bila mama marah, tiba² dia tersengih.. macam kerang busuk..
Camane nak marah?

It's been 3 years now since he came into this world..
Sekarang we just can't imagine not having him around..
Mesti pelik dunia ni kalau adik takde..

Sayang Encik Qaiser!
♥ ♥ ♥


21 April 2014 - Cottage Patch - Quilter's heaven

I've heard about Cottage Patch a looong time ago from my sister...
She kept saying it's near Ampang Point Shopping Center..
But everytime I drive past Ampang Point I couldnt find it..

Recently I found it on Google Map while blog hopping..
And I finally saw it when Daddy drove pass the flyover in front of Ampang Point.
No wonder I never find it, we dont use that flyover much...and the shop is kind of hidden...
From Ampang Point you will not see it because of the flyover!

It is a very old shop.. it's been there for over 20 years!
So on Friday, I took the children and atuk to Ampang Point..
I was so excited to visit this lovely shop..
There are lovely quilts hanging on the wall.. all kinds of handmade crafts on display..
Quilt magazines.. They even have Patchwork classes.. RM250 for 6 hours..
I think I just might sign up.. It'll be so much fun!

This is what I bought:
1. Olfa cutting mat (the one that I have is for paper cutting. Somehow my rotary cutter wont work well on the mat so cutting fabric is horrible)
2. Olfa rotary cutter (the one that I have now is Senorita that I bought a few years ago. The blade is blunt and the screw is rusted. I had to press really hard to cut the fabric)
3. Olfa Frosted Ruler (Because I simply dont have one! And it's just so hard to use measuring tape and do the cutting at the same time!)
4. And of course, Qistina had to buy something too. She picked the green charm pack to make a new pencil box (in progress coz I forgot to buy a zipper)

Whoever says sewing is cheap, obviously has no idea how much these things cost!
But it's all worth it. I absolutely LOVE them!
So I'm crazy cutting fabrics over the weekend because it is just soooo smooth and easy now!!
That's money well spent I would say..

So I happily completed the long overdue purple quilt for Fara..
Happily cutting the fabric with my shiny new rotary cutter and ruler and self-healing cutting mat for the binding..
(can you tell how excited and in love I am with them??) :D
And they are definitely cheaper than buying online..
Oh and Cottage Patch sells batting too!! Duh~ it's a quilter's heaven..of course they have battings.. Lots and lots of battings!!
Now I dont have to buy online and wait a couple of days to receive them...

OK OK enough about Cottage Patch, starry eyes and everything..
I'm ending this post with Encik Qaiser..
Whenever we go to Ampang Point, we will drop by Cash Converter..
This time, to get Qistina a guitar (she suddenly feels like learning how to play a guitar and atuk is willing to teach her)
That's when Qaiser saw this awesome, not so shiny Batmobil.
It was actually a Lamborghini Bumper car.. and it costs RM899!!
As much as I love to make him happy I will never ever spend that much money on a toy car!!

Sorry Qaiser..

Just a photo as memory though..
Just look at his face!! Smiling thinking Mama is going to get it for me!!
Sadly nope.. not this time little guy..


17 April 2014 - Short but sweet

Last weekend we went on a road trip to a short getaway...
We didnt decide to go until Thursday when I made the hotel reservation.
Well, with so many things happening at work.. and water rationing.. and stuff, I would say this was a much needed holiday for us...
Even though it was only for the weekend.

We went to Thistle PD...
As soon as we got inside the hotel room I told the children 'This weekend is your weekend. You are free to do whatever you want!'
And the first thing they did was change into their swim suits and jump on the bed..

Qis really likes the slide on the swimming pool..
Qaiser.. well he likes the playroom and the big boardgames and the playground.. but of course, how can he leave his tiny cars at home...
Daddy loves to hang at the balcony of the hotel room and just chill by the pool..(and the bundle shop at the roadside just a few KM away from Thistle..)As for me, I just love the smell of the ocean.. the beach.. and the sun! :P

Thanks for taking us there Daddy...
Although it was just for 2 days and 1 night but it was a very relaxing weekend..
Most importantly, the children had so much fun..
At least I get to take my mind off some things for a while..
Qis and Qaiser kept telling me how they miss Thistle already!
Even I cant wait for our next trip!

Now, please excuse me.. I have a quilt to finish...!


11 April 2014 - Biggest so far

I manage to complete the son's quilt for a friend of mine last week..
It was a challenge for my antique sewing machine and myself but we did it!
I finished binding at around 11PM on a Thursday night..
It was tiring but I was content.

This is the biggest quilt that I've sewn so far..
Approximately 60 x 80 inch...
The same size as my Queen bed...

I have one more quilt to complete..
I've been procrastinated on his one since last week..
And this weekend we have some place else to be.. away from my sewing machine..
Oh when will I ever get to complete it!!??


10 April 2014 - Facebook

One of the good things about Facebook is it brings people closer even though we dont get to see each other often...
Another thing is it helps u connect with long lost friends..
and enemy!

While I was out at KLCC for lunch today my phone beeped and I saw a new friend request and I just ignored it..
I would normally just ignore new friend request coz FB is very private to me..
My FB is only for people I know. Friends and families.
No stranger. Although I am pretty sure there are 1 or 2 strangers in my friend list..too lazy to clean it up.

Anyway, when I got back to the office I was curious to see who this Ana is..
So I browsed her photos.. She looks familiar alright...
After a few photos I was quite sure that this is the girl who likes to mess with me way back when I was staying in Kajang during my teenage years..
One of my sworn enemy..
But she looks different now that she is wearing hijab.. she looks different now that it has been 15 years later..!!

I contemplated on whether I should approve her request or just ignore her..
I was thinking whether I should hate her for something that happened 15 years ago or just pretend like I have forgotten all about it..
There's that weird feeling trying to remember how it all ended..
I dont think we even tried to amend the friendship back then..

In the end, I decided to approve her request and say hi.. not really.. I actually said 'hey, you look familiar but I'm not sure.. sape eh?'
She replied saying it's Ana..who used to stay at Kajang and had sleepovers at my house..
So I replied back 'Owh it's u.. yang suka carik pasal dengan aku dulu...' (Owh it's u..the girl who likes to mess with me back then)

Yeah..I just had to mention that..
But she was so cool about it that we started to chat and catch up.. and even trade our phone numbers..!

I guess after 15 years it's better to just let bygones be bygones.. I have forgotten whatever the hell it was that bothered us so much.. We were 17..
We've grown out of it..
We're moms now..
Our priorities has changed.


Here's to a new start..


9 April 2014 - My kinda coffee

Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be
Who died and made you king of anything?

I'm so in love with Sara Bareilles!

Her songs make me feel like dancing everytime I listen to them.. Especially these 2.

They are my cup of coffee every morning when I step into the office at approximately 6.40AM everyday..
Uh no.. I don't drink coffee..



7 April 2014 - Keeping fit

Last Friday Dyg rang me and ask if I wanted to go and eat chicken rice..
So she fetched me.. and Qaiser... and we went to Ampang Point for Linda Onn Chicken Rice..

She has started going to the gym a couple of weeks ago..
So everytime I see her, all she talks about is keeping fit, gym routines, and oh how hot the gym-goer bodies are! *drool*

How can I not be influenced by all of that??

One tiny problem.. common excuse- I dont have time to go to the gym!!!
My daily ritual is basically waking up at 5.30am, Go to work, Come home at 5.30pm, Cook, do the laundry etc etc..
By the time I'm finished with the house chores I am already exhausted and ready to hit the sack.

It got me thinking - but then.. who said anything about going to the gym?

Last Saturday while I was listening to Juliet by Lawson, I suddenly thought now this song is a great song to work out to..So I started You Tubing and no, I couldnt find any work out video to the song Juliet, but I found the next best thing..
Zumba dance to Brave.. Like it's a calling(just bear with me here) for me to start excercising..
I love Brave!

So I started doing this zumba dance... And yes, by the end of Sunday I have memorized the steps..
Qistina too!! :P

I thought that was enough for me.. but Dayang came and hang out at my place again on Saturday..
And started showing me some photos of this lady's toned butt!!
Damn.. Who doesnt wanna have hot ass..??

So on Sunday I started with 3 rounds of the Zumba dance..
And 2 rounds of Butt Workout..
with Qis and Qaiser..
Inside my room..!

At the end of the session I was panting and sweating like crazyyyy!!

And today my thighs and butt hurts like hell..
Uhuh.. right on my face!
At least I know it's working.. -_-'

Am I going to do these routines again and get that beautiful toned butt?? Maybe..!