24 March 2014 - Another one...

I managed to sew another quilt over the weekend...
This order is from my ex-boss when I was working for NCR 5 years ago..
She placed 2 orders 1 for her daughter and another one for her son...
She also challenged me to sew a bigger quilt.. coz she said her son weigh 60kg now.. 50 x 50 inches just wont do... :P
And she said, 'I'll leave the colors up to your creativity.. Just make it bright and colorful..."

So I figured let's start with the one for her daughter..
Well coz I think I know one color most girls cant say no to = PINK!

As soon as I finished it, I was hoping hard that she'll like it..
And she did!
Thank God... Alhamdulillah...
Duduk cuti-cuti kat rumah pun ada rezeki kalau kia rajin kan?

This is how it looks like on a single bed...
A bit smaller than I imagine..
I definitely have to make a bigger one for her son...
That will be this week's project...

Later in the evening I took the kids to the cinema and we watched Mr Peabody and Sherman..
We liked it.

Qaiser enjoyed the popcorn..
And he behaved throughout the movie..
Good boy..

That's it for now..
Off cutting fabric for the other quilt..
Do email me if you would like order ya...


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Sophie's Sewing Room said...

It;s a beautiful quilt. That is one thing I haven't got time to try but would love to very much. Tks for popping over too, there are not may sewist in Malaysia and yes, patterns are non existence here. I have lots of Japanese patterns..but too lazy to trace/cut them. The ones I have are all imported from the US, it is very fun and I will sew more if I had more time. Enjoy your sewing :)