12 March 2014 - My first quilt!

I have been quiet for a LONG time..
Oh well,
Just too lazy to blog even though I'm dying to share about my first quilt with whoever stumbles upon the same difficulty as I did - to find a batting.

I've been searching for Quilt batting everywhere!
From the one and only sewing shop in Bandar Baru Ampang to everywhere in Google!
Then I lose hope for a while and I thought maybe I can replace the batting with a layer of sponge instead.
It worked. But only on small pouches.

I didnt give up and kept searching for it.
And then I stumble upon a sewing blog and I saw Maycraft commented on it.
Their shop is in SUbang and Im in Ampang so there's noooo way I'm gonna go there considering that I'm a lousy driver...
I emailed them..sadly after a day (yes, im inpatient... that's why online shopping is not for me) I received no reply.
So I called the shop and the one of the staffs was kind enough to provide me with their boss's number.
I wassap her and received a swift respond..
I would highly reccommend buying from her coz I receive the batting 1-2 days after the payment was made.
Efficient + Fast = Love
Check them out at http://maycraft.com.my/

So I happily made my first quilt...
Ibu asked me to sew a simple bedsheet to cover this single sponge mattress that I bought from IKEA 7 years ago...
Coz well after 7 years the cover is gone and there's just .. a piece of big sponge..
And I like to put it in the living room so that Qaiser or Qis can lie there while watching TV or whatever..
Such an eye-sore..

But me being too ambitious as usual i decided to sew a quilt.
I was a bit sceptic at first cause I wasnt sure if my antique machine can sew quilt.
But I did it!
Not bad for a first quilt ey?

Then of course, I posted the photos on my IG and FB..
My sister saw it and asked me to sew one for my niece Damia...
So this is my second quilt!

Long story short, she loved it, i mean really really really pleased with it that she posted about it on her FB and IG..
She even mention how neat it was so now I'm in the midst of making another one for her friend..
Who is kind enough to put an order and trust my fabric selection.

I hope she'll love it..
Will share the photo once I've completed it..

Till then,

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