28 March 2013 - Handmade buttonhole

I have only been sewing for 4 years and all this while I will try to avoid sewing anything that has buttons...
Because I am sewing with my antique SINGER machine and unline the modern one, it does not have the option to sew buttonhole...
I did googled for handmade buttonhole but to no avail.
So I decided to save up and hope that one day I will be able to buy myself a brand new automatic sewing machine that has 101 Built-In Stitches, 1 Step Buttonhole etc etc.

This was until... I browse through Intagram and saw this lady sewed a buttonhole manually!
So I asked her 'How did you do that please?'
Hehe Luckily she replied and she even gave me a website for the handmade buttonhole tutorial at www.coletterie.com

I have yet to give it a try...
I tried to look for Sew It Up by Ruth Singer at Kinokuniya but it is out os stock... :(

At least I dont have to rush to get myself that brand new, shiny, automatic sewing machine... I looove my antique one! :P


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