September 25, 2011 - It's dress up day!

This is what I've decided to wear for this work week...
My 3rd week at this new place...
Everything is not so foreign anymore...
But there's still a lot of things for me to learn!

For Monday, Who said cheap ain't good? ;P:
Shirt: thrifted for RM5!
Skirt: Times Sq.
Cardigan: Sg Wang (10 years ago I think! My BIL (he was still my sister's BF then) bought it for me... ;P)
Clincher: wholesale store in Jalan Pudu/Hang Tuah

For Tuesday, Keeping it simple:
Spaghetti top: Nicole, Times Sq
Cardigan: Agenda, Jusco
Pants: Scarlet, Jusco

Top: Elle, SOGO (Love the half turtleneck! )
Skirt: Agenda, Jusco
Clincher: Sg Wang

Thursday, Baju Kurung day as usual:
Baju Kurung: Jalan TAR (If I wanna continue wearing baju kurung on a Thursday, I need to buy more~!)

Friday is wear what you want day cause nobody cares...
Everyone leaves at 12 anyway... ;P

Have a great week at work guys!



IxoR@ said...

suka sy tengOk hanie update pasal hari2 pakai baju apa......


tiru la... boleh? hehehehe...

Hanie Ly said...

suke ke? hehehe boleh je cik pora... leh tetukar taste!