August 7, 2011 - R u real?

All of the unpleasant stories that I put here shows that I am real...
And life is not always sweets and chocolate.

I am trying to reason out why I should not care:

1) She sent her here, promised her that she will take her back. But she didn't and she didn't even say a word or why, until dad had to ask her, if she has any problems (which she always have) Didn't even have the courtesy to tell me anything (at least tell me why or what since I am the owner of this house)
She didn't have any problem telling bullshits when she proudly took her away... One line that I will always remember, buat cam orang gaji.... and it's not up to me isn't can take care of her through thick and thin???
Tu la kalau nak berlagak pun jangan sedap mulut je nak bercakap...

2) I always have to stand between her and my husband... I am trying not to shout... I am trying not to be angry... It's Ramadhan! Why can't I ever have a decent Ramadhan for God's sake??!! I have to argue with my husband in order to stand up for her but to her I am always, ALWAYS the bad child. The rude one. Yang selalu ken sumpah, kene maki... AKU!

3) I want to stop yelling.

4) My 2 children deserve a peaceful life... Like it's not enough having to watch us fight once in a blue moon?

So there, if you have to choose between your 'mentally ill' mom and your husband (syurga anak di bawah tapak kaki ibu...syurga isteri di bawah tapak kaki suami?) Which one would you choose?

Roger & Out!

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