May 31, 2011 – Qaiser’s aqiqah & Abah’s birthday – Part 1: planning

Daddy decided to change the date to this weekend instead of next week…
The initial plan was to celebrate abah’s birthday on June 11th… (His 60th birthday is on the 10th)
Tak pernah – pernah abah mintak kite celebrate birthday dia, tahun ni dia request.
Kate dier ‘kalau nak tunggu 70 thn, tak tentu ade lagi ke tak…’
Daddy being excited about the whole thing suggested that we do aqiqah for Qaiser on the same day.
So makan kambing la kite hujung minggu ni.

Abah’s request is for all of his children to be there… I wouldn’t count on it.
All of my in-laws are going to be there.
Diorang memang suka family event macam ni.
So macammana pun they’ll try to find way to attend.
That’s the different between my family and daddy’s.

Aku harap event ni akan berjalan dengan lancar.
Daddy, please make sure of that.
After that, boleh tarik nafas lega. At least sampai raya.

Now, I have to go order cakes for June baby’s birthday!


Intan said...

tak sabar nak baca pasal qiqah qaiser! :)

Hanie Ly said...

;P nnt free kite sambung citer okeh intan! ;P