May 16, 2011 - She is a bitch

My team lead is an old bitch.
She doesn't like it when I am ahead of her.
She will take credit for everything I do(especially the good ones)
If she doesn't know anything, she will act like she does in front of our boss and then she will ask me quietly how to do it behind her back...
She can't even differentiate 'then' and 'than'!

Today during our debrief session, I suggested a few ideas to our boss and she approved it.
That bitch, (feeling uneasy) of course, put me on the spot by telling my boss how I feel about the new staff who has been on 7 days of MC (including today).
I was like what the fuck bitch?
1 - If i wanna let my boss know how I feel, I would have told her myself.
2 - YOU have the same concern about Mr Singh just like I do, ok.
3 - That issue is not even on my mind at that time so what made you think that you could read my mind?? WELL YOU DON'T!

I just smiled when my boss explained why we shouldn't feel flustered about it...
Out of respect for that bitch's position as a stupid OLD team lead.
After debrief session ended, I told her 'Next time please don't put me on the spot like that. I can tell her myself if I want her to know. Besides you feel the same way too!'
And I am so not going to teach you anything ever again!
Stupid Old bitch.
No wonder your life doesn't work out for you!
Pathetic old hag.

And I'd better stop cursing now.


mama iris said...

erghhh mmg ada org mcm ni....kat mana2 ofis pon ada je yg xnk mengaku yg dia x tau....i baca cite u ni...i asek la tebayang watak nyonya jual sorry....=)

Hanie Ly said...

ahahahha nyonya jual sayur??? ;P