May 12, 2011 - Nak keje ke tanak keje weh??

There’s a new guy at my office…
His name is Mr H Singh.
He joined us on April 15.
Now, in less than a month, he has already been on MC for 5 days.
Common excuses: diarrhea, migraine and vomiting
The shitty thing about it is he’s on my team.
The shitty thing about it is, that means I have to do his work as well…

Geram tak kalau ade orang baru perangai cam tu?
Bagi aku, that means, you’re dying slowly of a critical illness that you’re not aware of or you just need to live in a plastic bubble because you’re prone to fall sick!
Pbth…! nak kene buat la cam nak keje, kalau nak main – main, ramai lagi orang lain yang nak keje!



Fara said...

ooouuhhh here alos got that kind of person. alot! kalau keje kilang, 3x tak datang, mc ke leawt ke lame dah kene buang kannn

Hanie Ly said...

tau takpe... ;P