May 31, 2011 – Qaiser’s aqiqah & Abah’s birthday – Part 1: planning

Daddy decided to change the date to this weekend instead of next week…
The initial plan was to celebrate abah’s birthday on June 11th… (His 60th birthday is on the 10th)
Tak pernah – pernah abah mintak kite celebrate birthday dia, tahun ni dia request.
Kate dier ‘kalau nak tunggu 70 thn, tak tentu ade lagi ke tak…’
Daddy being excited about the whole thing suggested that we do aqiqah for Qaiser on the same day.
So makan kambing la kite hujung minggu ni.

Abah’s request is for all of his children to be there… I wouldn’t count on it.
All of my in-laws are going to be there.
Diorang memang suka family event macam ni.
So macammana pun they’ll try to find way to attend.
That’s the different between my family and daddy’s.

Aku harap event ni akan berjalan dengan lancar.
Daddy, please make sure of that.
After that, boleh tarik nafas lega. At least sampai raya.

Now, I have to go order cakes for June baby’s birthday!

May 22, 2011 - When I don't bake or sew...

And when it's raining cats and dogs outside,
And there's no signal on Astro...

~ That reminds me, I need to restock! ~

~ Work in progress ~

~ Dah siap! I call this Princess in Paris ;P ~

~ One for me... of coz! ;P ~

~ She made this herself! ;P ~

~ One happy princess ~

Where do I get the supplies?
Visit here:

May 21, 2011 - Working woman's car...

How it looks like from Monday to Friday...
Imagine the outside.
I don't wash my car... at all!
Tunggu daddy free baru keter ni dapat mandi.

♥ shoes, ♥ my old car~


May 19, 2011 - Fly so high

Qaiser got a new toy~!
Nothing is ever too early.

P/S: Mr Singh finally tendered his resignation today...
And everyone is happy again... :D

May 18, 2011 - Food Foundry

Lunch at Food Foundry - Happy Mansion:-
Main course : So - so
Desert : Love the Crepe cake! :P~

Uh Oh looks like a bird has landed on You Ming's head!

May 17, 2011 - I just HATE IT when

things are not working the way they should be!
Fuck it.

This was supposed to be an entry about Qis and Qaiser.
But, my phone's USB isn't working.
I just don't have the patience to deal with broken things.
So F it!

May 16, 2011 - She is a bitch

My team lead is an old bitch.
She doesn't like it when I am ahead of her.
She will take credit for everything I do(especially the good ones)
If she doesn't know anything, she will act like she does in front of our boss and then she will ask me quietly how to do it behind her back...
She can't even differentiate 'then' and 'than'!

Today during our debrief session, I suggested a few ideas to our boss and she approved it.
That bitch, (feeling uneasy) of course, put me on the spot by telling my boss how I feel about the new staff who has been on 7 days of MC (including today).
I was like what the fuck bitch?
1 - If i wanna let my boss know how I feel, I would have told her myself.
2 - YOU have the same concern about Mr Singh just like I do, ok.
3 - That issue is not even on my mind at that time so what made you think that you could read my mind?? WELL YOU DON'T!

I just smiled when my boss explained why we shouldn't feel flustered about it...
Out of respect for that bitch's position as a stupid OLD team lead.
After debrief session ended, I told her 'Next time please don't put me on the spot like that. I can tell her myself if I want her to know. Besides you feel the same way too!'
And I am so not going to teach you anything ever again!
Stupid Old bitch.
No wonder your life doesn't work out for you!
Pathetic old hag.

And I'd better stop cursing now.

May 15, 2011 - Are we safe?

Children abduction, torture..
Snatch thieves...
Latest, Acid splashes...

Are we living in a safe country?
Do I have to be constantly worried about the safety of my family?

Our country is not as safe as it was, isnt it?
We just don't wanna admit it...

Aku berserah padaMu untuk melindungi aku dan keluargaku dari sebarang musibah.

May 12, 2011 - Nak keje ke tanak keje weh??

There’s a new guy at my office…
His name is Mr H Singh.
He joined us on April 15.
Now, in less than a month, he has already been on MC for 5 days.
Common excuses: diarrhea, migraine and vomiting
The shitty thing about it is he’s on my team.
The shitty thing about it is, that means I have to do his work as well…

Geram tak kalau ade orang baru perangai cam tu?
Bagi aku, that means, you’re dying slowly of a critical illness that you’re not aware of or you just need to live in a plastic bubble because you’re prone to fall sick!
Pbth…! nak kene buat la cam nak keje, kalau nak main – main, ramai lagi orang lain yang nak keje!


May 10, 2011 - Postdated entry on Mom’s day

Daddy spent the whole 2 days cleaning the house…
Including atuk’s room.
Then on Sunday we ordered pizza for Mom’s day lunch.
The spicy chicken crunchy and their sweet and sour sauce remind me of nenek.
She loved it.
She could eat the whole thing all by herself.
The thought of that made my smile disappear…

Only HE knows how I feel inside…

May 9, 2011 - My heart stopped...

Sekilas pandang ke side mirror kanan, line clear.
I stepped on the accelerator.
Pandang depan, MyVi hijau tu tiba² berhenti.
Had I stepped on the brake 1 second later, I would've hit the MyVi hard.
Dont even want to imagine what will happen next.

Lesson learnt.

1 split second can change everything.

Drive slower next time Hanie.
You have 2 children waiting for you at home.

May 5, 2011 - Karma

Do you believe in Karma?

I do!

What comes around goes around...
What goes up MUST come down...!

May 4, 2011 - Happy happy

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...!
Happy birthday to Jeanne....
Happy birthday to you...!

Happy birthday boss!

Sri Ayuth*yya Damansara Heights = pricey = ikan tak fresh = tak berape best + nasib baik bos yang bayar... ;P


May 3, 2011 - Ayat feveret

Ayat feveret aku kat atas jalanraya:
1) Keter mahal tapi lampu signal pun takde... kesian...!
2) Ha'ah ye lah... ko sorang je ade high beam!
3) Lorong kanan untuk memotong... lorong tengah untuk laju... tempat ko kat sbelah kiri!!

Kalau jerit dorang tak bleh dengar unless kalau aku pasang speaker... Tunggu la esok ke...