Dec 9, 2010 - An Unplanned Event

I couldn’t come up with any creative way to put up this story.
Here goes nothing:
It started at 10:00PM last night.
Min: Beb ko kat ne? Rajin tak? Kalau rajin aku dengan Dayang kat Western BI ni.

Aku: OK! Jap gi aku sampai! ;P

10:15PM to 11:30PM
One round to Min’s house to send something and then we spent the next hour bitching about life at BI’s Western.
Somehow this conversation came up.
Aku to Dayang: Ko lelawa nak gi mane sbenanye beb? Baik terus demam ko eh?

Dayang: Si *toot* kate nak ajak gi kaloke. Tapi dier tengah meeting lagi kat Banting. Kalau dier call, kite gi ar nak?

Min: Selambe la beb. Pakai cam ni je. Tak yah mekap²

Am: Kalau dier tak call pun kite gi je lah!

Dayang: Jom?

Aku: Aku selambe tapi anak aku tu dengan baju tido.. Agak² ar… Ti orang kate, orang kampong mane masuk Redbox pakai baju tido… ;D

11:30PM to 12AM
Back to my place, Qis tukar baju, Dayang went online to check her Fan Club ( That’s what I call her FB page) and off to RedBox Sogo.
After the last event, I never thought I would come back to this place again...
And so the smallest Karaoke room I've ever been to is Room 23 at Sogo.

15 minutes later:

~ Macam Gangster kan? ~

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