Dec 31, 2010 - I don't know why

You say good bye, I say hello...!

Looking forward to:
1) Welcome our newest family member into this world...
2) Look for a new job in KL!
3) Get back in shape!
4) Be a fantabulous mom and wife…

2010 has been a roller coaster! 2011 is going to be another hell of a ride on another roller coaster!
Life is… Isn’t it?

Saje nak genapkan jadi 130 entries! ;P
We don’t really have a plan for tonight yet but I really want to go watch fireworks somewhere… anywhere!
Walaupun boleh tengok dari rumah nih…straight view to KLCC, tapi tak syok… Tak power…
Takde boom boom boom menusuk ke jantung!

Maybe singgah gym Iwan first!
Pakcik Kus celebrate their anniversary! ;P
Makan free… I always like!!!

You guys have a safe celebration.
Jangan lupa diri~!
Don’t SMS and drive!
See yah next year insyaallah!


IxoR@ said...

I'm waiting my girls fetch me to celebrate new year...


Happy New Year dear!

Hanie Ly said...

amboih... celebrate sakan yea... hati² tau...! ;P said...

wuu nak dapat baby baru lah...ada beberapa hari je lagi hehe moga tahun 2011 lebih success dari tahun ni.. happy nu year kak!

Hanie Ly said...

Scary oooo dik... ;P