Dec 17, 2010 - Just when I thought we’re losing the sparks…

Lately jarang giler dapat borak² dengan Daddy.
He’s been so busy working that I only get to see him early in the morning when I prepare his breakfast!
And when he comes back from work, he’ll be sitting in front of his desktop playing Zynga Poker on FB or it's so late at night that he’ll be too tired to talk and go straight to bed.
Makes me feel fat, ugly and lonely. And unloved!
But then again, Daddy ialah seorang yang moody!

But last night, sebelum tido, we talked.
I told him what I did.
Semalam aku cuci bilik air ok! (hahaha bangga giler…)
Selama ni aku tak pernah langsung cuci toilet, harapkan Daddy je yang cuci…
So semalam aku cuci bilik air dengan Qis!
Aku bagitau Daddy aku nak cuci toilet depan pulak hari ni.
Yea la nanti orang nak mai visit tengok toilet kotor… malu eih…
Guess what, dia tak bagi…
Licin, takut jatuh.
(Awwwww sayang gak dia kat aku ye… Or this baby? What ever. I don’t care. That is enough to make me feel loved again. Sengal. I know :D )

I told him how I feel scared as the due date is getting nearer each day…
All the rumors on how C-Sec is becoming a trend now if your baby weigh more than 3kgs.
Scary owh belah² perut neh.
I prefer normal labor.
Based on what I’ve heard from other people’s experience, it’s not easy healing the C-Sec wound!
Daddy told me to ignore the rumors.
Kate dia, badan kecik selalunya bersalin normal, insyaAllah!
I’m praying hard for it!
We've even decided on the baby’s full name (Hint: Qaiser or Qaisara is definitely going to be in it! :P)
Aku cakap, quote
‘Dua doktor bagitau it’ll be a boy Daddy! Kalau kali ni salah gak, I’ll sue both of them!’

Ahahaaha bleh?
But, be it a boy or a girl, I don’t mind, asal adik sihat sempurna… InsyaAllah!

This morning I woke up happy.
(Despite tido dalam keadaan sempit sebab Qis pun nak menyelit atas katil yang sempit tuh)
See, I am not hard to please. (Although I wouldn’t mind a date night out every once in while… Belanja I shopping² ka… Hehe ;P )

I guess, when you’ve been through the worse in a relationship, nothing else matters accept for a good communication.
Listen even if you’ve already heard the story 10 thousand times.
Share your thoughts but try not to offend.
Most importantly, let them know that you love them.
Just say the 3 magic words ‘I love you,’
And everything else will fall into its place.

In the end, who wants to be lonely kan?

Hoo key I'd better go sbelum aku jadik Mrs Jiwang karat. ;P

8 years together Daddy! And going strong! InsyaAllah! :)
I heart you! :D
Here's something from the memory lane.


Fara said...

i totally agree with you! sometimes those 3 words just enough to make woman happy.. well some of them hehe.. for me, yeah it's enough to know that we're still 'alive' to them. Hate being lonely too.. anyways, yes don't think too much about c-sar. You will be ok! ;) *hugs*

Hanie Ly said...

Kan kan? If they wont say it, we say it! :D and thanks for the hug!

MY HEART said...

Happy couple. nice blog.

salam kenal ^_^

Hanie Ly said...

Aww thanks for visiting... and d compliment!
Takde la happy sgt pun... biase² je... ade ups and downs... ;P
Have a nice weekend ya!

Fitrihadi said...

woah romantiknya baca entry ni heehee dah nak dekat ke tarikh labour day?? wuu semoga semuanya lancar je :)

Hanie Ly said...

Romantik ker? tidakkk!! ehhehe ;P Dekat dah dik... lagi lebih kurg 38 hari... harap² sme pun bejalan lancar...! tenkiu... ;P

mama_iris said...

teringat iklan coffeemate....relationship nih kdg2 ada pasang surutnya...kene di"service" selalu....hehehe....tapi xpe..kebanyakan org melaluinya...u are not alone..=)

Hanie Ly said...

Btul tu Nurul! kalau takde ups n downs tak complte la realtionship kan? ;P