November 7, 2010 - Guess where we went to play cards all night?

Yesterday abah went to Bukit Tinggi for uncle's son's birthday.
Then later petang he called and said uncle would be delighted to have us there and sing karaoke with him.
So kitorang pun naik la atas bukit tu dengan Kay.
By the time we got there around 8PM, the birthday boy has already left.
Ade event lain with his friends.
And memang Uncle and abah panggil untuk kitorang nyanyi karaoke je.

Nasib baik bawak main singer.
Biar dier yang nyanyi tuk kitorang as usual.
P/S: I LOOOVE the potato salad! Lupe nak tanya aunty camne nak buat... ;P

~ Atok and his 'toys' ~

~ Uh oh! Look at my tummy! ~

~ Mangsa nyanyi ~

Then around 11PM we left Bukit Tinggi and headed to...
Genting Highland!
Tak plan pun nak pergi.
Saje je jalan-jalan, makan angin...
It was obviously late to go to the theme park and all...
So we just spent the whole night playing cards while Qis tidur dengan nyenyaknya...
We figured if we sleep confirm tak terbangun tuk check out.
Baik tak tidur dari tak cukup tidur!
By 8.30PM battery semua dah out so we decided to head back to KL.
Sampai rumah tidur sampai petang!
Jauh kan kitorang pergi main card?

~ Gmuk gmuk gmuk! ~

Oh yea, we stayed at Genting Resort Hotel.
I didn't take any photo of the room. I figured there'll be tonnes of it if I Google.
And I was so right! ;P

Not bad at all.
Or should I say, not a bad place to play cards all night - at all!

I only slept for 6 hours today hence I am still sleepy...
Gonna doze off now.

Here's photo of the day.
~ Just love Qis's face expression on this one! ~


Dda Ly said...

wohhh seronoknye berenjoy...saye JELES!! when will it be my turn??

Hanie Ly said...

Alor...kami pun tumpang org jea maksu! ;P ur turn sooooon! ;P