November 5, 2010 - I know I said the last time would be the last one...

But we were so bored last night and Dayang tiba2 invite us to a Karaoke session...
1 - It's not easy to get to hang out with her since dier dah ada BF!
2 - It's not easy to get her invitation to go out!

The original plan was, we go hang out with one of her cousin and a 'friend' at one of many RedBox in KL...
But then we invited Kay (the queen of Karaoke),
and Daddy invited Kay's BF (his karaoke buddy),
And Kay's BF ended up belanja us all (as usual).
* shy * (not really)

Qis gets to tag along this time because today is a Public Holiday, which means no school for her.
And because this is a clean hang out.
Lagipun dah lama tak bawak dia sekali... Cian kene tinggal... ;P
Nanti dia tengok photo, she will say something like 'mama tak bawak saye pun... :('

And here are the photos as usual:
~ Qis and mama. Tak tau nape dier buat muke kerek tuh ~

~ My superbusywithlifebf- Dayang ~

~ The main singer, Kay ~

~ Qis and her favorite aunty Kay (seriously... Kalau Kay datang rumah, Qis will follow her everywhere she goes like a sick puppy!) ~

~ Best friends stay forever. Even though we can be a bitch to each other sometimes ~

~ This is Dayang's super sporting cousin, Am ~

~ Cubaan untuk menyanyi lagu Goyang Inul. Gagal! ~

~ Kay again. Standing on a table! ;P ~

~ The Daddy ~

~ The mentor and the protege ~

And my favorite photo of the day:
~ Ho yeh! ~

Happy Deepavali all!
Nice weather for a swim!
Jom gi swimming pool!~

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