November 30, 2010 - Tak masuk akal

Ok, what I'm about to write might not make any sense at all.
They are so random.
But I feel like I need to write something sebab aku tak puas hati pasal something.
Just to let it out, if you know what I mean.
This is my attempt to let it out without having to scream at anyone.

Number 1
Kadang² lelaki ni memang tak reti nak prioritize things, kan?
Although there are some things that are obviously important and need to be settled first, they could still go and do other things that are totally meaningless.
Things like this make me go: WTH? Do you even have a brain?
It's like they're not capable of thinking. At all!

But he seems so happy with the stupid thing that he did and I don't want to ruin it...
* pasrah *

Number 2
I don't have the patience to teach.
Qis knows about this well. ;P She used to get a good one from me every time she has spelling at school.
Lately, laaaagi lah kerap dia 'mendapat' dari aku because I'm in the midst of teaching her how to perform Solat.
All the Surah and Ayat that needs to be remembered...
I know scolding her will do no good. She won’t be able to remember things that way...
Tapi kadang² tak boleh tahan ooo... Lepas tu kesian pulak tengok dia nangis...

This will be my mission before she starts to go to Secondary school on January.
Qis must know how to perform solat!

Number 3
Tetibe je budak kecik ni angin dengan aku tadi.
She came in and told me to read something in her activity book.
Ni dia:
~ You really need to improve your handwriting doll! ~

* Mama X Saya tak sayang mama. Paya lah mama ni *
Her writing was small the first time so I ask her what does that mean. The sentence.
So she wrote it bigger the second time.
Then I ask her ape tu? Mama X?
She said 'pangkah mama'. And then she added Paya lah mama ni = 'Payah lah mama ni,'
Semata-mata sebab aku tak dengar ape benda entah yang dia nak bebelkan pasal Daddy dia.
When I'm concentrating, I concentrate hard.
And I was writing this piece of shit so I didn’t really hear what she was saying.
Sorry lah doll!

Number 4
I feel like a big loser for not going to work for weeks.
I wish I could just tell my bosses that I am going into labor now and deal about work later.
I wish I have RM5 million in my bank account so that I don't have to think about work - period.
I hope I can get up and go to work tomorrow and stop being a big loser who sits at home and do nothing the whole day.
Or maybe I could go shop for baby clothes. Even though I am broke and in serious need of a good slap on my face to bring me back to my senses.

- End -


QM said...

Life has its ups and down.
Sometimes dengan anak-anak memang macam tu - afterall we are only human.

Hanie Ly said...

Bdk kecik ni mmg byk hal... ;P never fail to make my day...