November 29, 2010 - Thank you friends

My weekend would be a plain, bore one if not for them.

I went to Qis's final PTM on Saturday for her year-end progress and report card.
So we woke up quite early.
Just me and Qis.
Entah sejak bile Qis's education become my responsibility alone?
He doesn't know what he's missing...
When I was in school it was my abah who would attend every single event at school...
Well OK, most of them. MOST.
That's how I remembered it.
That is going to be how Qis will remember this if he will not start to put some effort on it.

So anyway, on our way home, Dayang rang and ask if she could come over and hang.
Of course, girl!
I don't have anything better to do anyway.
And Qis, she's always as excited as I am every time my friends come over.
Kadang² dia yang over.

So she came, and we hang, and later we went to Yellow Cab for lunch.
And lepak at Mine's gym.. well her brother's gym to be exact...

~ Nasib baik aku pregnen, klu tak aku da naik atas treadmill tuh ~

~ Qis gets to eat her favorite otak² ~

~ This is Dayang, a hot mom and me, the super-selekeh-mak-buyong ~

~ and this is Mine, a hot mom-to-be ~

On Sunday they came over and lepak again...
We watched ANTM back-to-back,
layan YouTube,
burned some good tunes on the CDs and bitching...

Thank you girls for taking my mind off some unpleasant things for a while...

P/S : I am bitter today. I guess it shows in my writing. No?

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