November 26, 2010 - Kenapa aku ponteng keje...

Honestly, I miss my old workplace...
The company had to retrench us because the department was moved to Singapore.
No hard feelings there. We got almost 10k each.

After being with the same people for almost 4 years, it’s hard to adapt to a new environment.
The people in the new office are not ‘friends’, they’re just colleagues.
And although I’m in a team, I’m working solo.
I miss team work.
We get to whine over the same issue.
We get to hate the same people.
We get to bitch over the same shit.
Not here in BAT.
I am running SOLO.

I miss you guys,
Syena, Nicole, Evanna, Karin, Amanda…
I miss this:

~ I miss the potlucks ~

~ I miss the dinners ~

~ I miss bullying Syena ~

~ I miss pizzas for lunch and gossiping for hours after that ~

~ I miss the silly faces ~

~ I miss crashing Karin's place for ang pau on CNY ~

~ I miss taking silly photo when boss is not around ~

~ I miss you guys *cry* ~

~ I miss working in the middle of Times Sq, Sg Wang, Lot 10 & Pavillion and being able to shop during lunch time! ~

But life has to go on somehow…
I can’t wait for the baby to come.
I can’t wait to look for a new job in KL.
(Did I mention BAT is in Bukit Jalil and I have to drive 40 minutes everyday just to get to work? Another reason why I hate to go to work)
Rezeki is everywhere if we look hard enough for it… Isn’t it?
Maybe mine is just not in Bukit Jalil…
60 days to go.
I am counting the days to start over…


..nOj.. said...

sobsob. penah ade pengalaman camni. 4 taun keje kt tgh2 bandar KL, skali hubby kna transfer, kna la ikut gak. skng keje kt tepi hiway. jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gile dr bandar. kalau rase nk mkn mcD, terpakse tgk gambar je. huhuh

Hanie Ly said...

tak best kan keje jauh dari kl... *cry*... jauh dari umah laaaaagi tak best!

Betta sp said...

sy benci bila jadik org baru kat tempat baru....ada satu perasaan yg aneh

Hanie Ly said...

Perasaan macam org menilai kerja kita sbb kita budak baru? ade org kata it takes up to 6 months to get used to a new environment...! Tak cukup masa la... ;P