November 30, 2010 - Tak masuk akal

Ok, what I'm about to write might not make any sense at all.
They are so random.
But I feel like I need to write something sebab aku tak puas hati pasal something.
Just to let it out, if you know what I mean.
This is my attempt to let it out without having to scream at anyone.

Number 1
Kadang² lelaki ni memang tak reti nak prioritize things, kan?
Although there are some things that are obviously important and need to be settled first, they could still go and do other things that are totally meaningless.
Things like this make me go: WTH? Do you even have a brain?
It's like they're not capable of thinking. At all!

But he seems so happy with the stupid thing that he did and I don't want to ruin it...
* pasrah *

Number 2
I don't have the patience to teach.
Qis knows about this well. ;P She used to get a good one from me every time she has spelling at school.
Lately, laaaagi lah kerap dia 'mendapat' dari aku because I'm in the midst of teaching her how to perform Solat.
All the Surah and Ayat that needs to be remembered...
I know scolding her will do no good. She won’t be able to remember things that way...
Tapi kadang² tak boleh tahan ooo... Lepas tu kesian pulak tengok dia nangis...

This will be my mission before she starts to go to Secondary school on January.
Qis must know how to perform solat!

Number 3
Tetibe je budak kecik ni angin dengan aku tadi.
She came in and told me to read something in her activity book.
Ni dia:
~ You really need to improve your handwriting doll! ~

* Mama X Saya tak sayang mama. Paya lah mama ni *
Her writing was small the first time so I ask her what does that mean. The sentence.
So she wrote it bigger the second time.
Then I ask her ape tu? Mama X?
She said 'pangkah mama'. And then she added Paya lah mama ni = 'Payah lah mama ni,'
Semata-mata sebab aku tak dengar ape benda entah yang dia nak bebelkan pasal Daddy dia.
When I'm concentrating, I concentrate hard.
And I was writing this piece of shit so I didn’t really hear what she was saying.
Sorry lah doll!

Number 4
I feel like a big loser for not going to work for weeks.
I wish I could just tell my bosses that I am going into labor now and deal about work later.
I wish I have RM5 million in my bank account so that I don't have to think about work - period.
I hope I can get up and go to work tomorrow and stop being a big loser who sits at home and do nothing the whole day.
Or maybe I could go shop for baby clothes. Even though I am broke and in serious need of a good slap on my face to bring me back to my senses.

- End -

November 29, 2010 - Thank you friends

My weekend would be a plain, bore one if not for them.

I went to Qis's final PTM on Saturday for her year-end progress and report card.
So we woke up quite early.
Just me and Qis.
Entah sejak bile Qis's education become my responsibility alone?
He doesn't know what he's missing...
When I was in school it was my abah who would attend every single event at school...
Well OK, most of them. MOST.
That's how I remembered it.
That is going to be how Qis will remember this if he will not start to put some effort on it.

So anyway, on our way home, Dayang rang and ask if she could come over and hang.
Of course, girl!
I don't have anything better to do anyway.
And Qis, she's always as excited as I am every time my friends come over.
Kadang² dia yang over.

So she came, and we hang, and later we went to Yellow Cab for lunch.
And lepak at Mine's gym.. well her brother's gym to be exact...

~ Nasib baik aku pregnen, klu tak aku da naik atas treadmill tuh ~

~ Qis gets to eat her favorite otak² ~

~ This is Dayang, a hot mom and me, the super-selekeh-mak-buyong ~

~ and this is Mine, a hot mom-to-be ~

On Sunday they came over and lepak again...
We watched ANTM back-to-back,
layan YouTube,
burned some good tunes on the CDs and bitching...

Thank you girls for taking my mind off some unpleasant things for a while...

P/S : I am bitter today. I guess it shows in my writing. No?

November 26, 2010 - Kenapa aku ponteng keje...

Honestly, I miss my old workplace...
The company had to retrench us because the department was moved to Singapore.
No hard feelings there. We got almost 10k each.

After being with the same people for almost 4 years, it’s hard to adapt to a new environment.
The people in the new office are not ‘friends’, they’re just colleagues.
And although I’m in a team, I’m working solo.
I miss team work.
We get to whine over the same issue.
We get to hate the same people.
We get to bitch over the same shit.
Not here in BAT.
I am running SOLO.

I miss you guys,
Syena, Nicole, Evanna, Karin, Amanda…
I miss this:

~ I miss the potlucks ~

~ I miss the dinners ~

~ I miss bullying Syena ~

~ I miss pizzas for lunch and gossiping for hours after that ~

~ I miss the silly faces ~

~ I miss crashing Karin's place for ang pau on CNY ~

~ I miss taking silly photo when boss is not around ~

~ I miss you guys *cry* ~

~ I miss working in the middle of Times Sq, Sg Wang, Lot 10 & Pavillion and being able to shop during lunch time! ~

But life has to go on somehow…
I can’t wait for the baby to come.
I can’t wait to look for a new job in KL.
(Did I mention BAT is in Bukit Jalil and I have to drive 40 minutes everyday just to get to work? Another reason why I hate to go to work)
Rezeki is everywhere if we look hard enough for it… Isn’t it?
Maybe mine is just not in Bukit Jalil…
60 days to go.
I am counting the days to start over…

November 24, 2010 - Lawak pagi

Bencila iklan² TV yang boleh membawa kepokaian pada mama!
Gara-gara tengok iklan Nutrigen tu, Qis duk tanya aku bile nak gi pasar malam so that she can buy a 'dadu yang boleh pusing-pusing'...
Aku fikir apeee la dadu yang boleh pusing-pusing?? Rupenye rubix cube tuh...
Motif ajak gi pasar malam?? Ade ke mende tu kat pasar malam?
Anyway, udah ku belikan nutrigen tu semalam...
Sib baik 3 hengget 90 seng je...

~ Ni la mendealah tu ~

Haa bile da beli dier duk pusing² bende tu sampai boring, pastu merungut sebab tak reti buat...
Tengok la muke dier tu ha...
Last² tersadai jek bende tu gathering dust.
Lagi ade guts nak mintak aku beli lagi satu... ewahhhhh.
Memang tak dapat la anak oi!

Anyway, that is not the joke...
This is:
This morning she woke up cheerful gila!
Her Daddy nak hantar gi sekolah,
So instead of spending an hour on the school van, sempat la dia gurau² dulu dengan mama dalam bilik...
Pastu tak bleh duk diam.
Ade je bende yang dia nak buat...

Today, she played with the comb.
Lepas tu dia gi gulung sikat tu kat rambut dia sampai stuck!
Mula² aku comfort la dia...
Da lama, tak bleh tahan nak gelak...
Geram pun ada! Ye la buat benda bukan²!
Pastu aku cakap 'Gasak la, sikat tak nak keluar, gi la sekolah dengan sikat macamni. Kalau tak pun kite potong je bagi botak sebelah rambut dia,'
Terus dia nangis...
Hahahaha lawak, lawak...
Tengokla sikat tu tergantung je kat rambut dia tu ha.
Pastu bayangkan die gi sekolah gitu.
Mane aku tak gelak!

Last² dengan berkat kesabaran dan kepakaran(iyolah tu), lepas aku blow dry rambut dia and tarik sesikit baru sikat tu keluar...
Habis la dia kene gelak dengan aku satu hari ni...

Oh yea, dah la semalam dia tidur mengigau.
Tetibe duduk, speaking. Ntah ape yang dia ngarutkan aku pun tak tau.
Aku dengan Daddy duk gelak je...
Sampai hari ni duk gelak kat dia...

Macam² la gelagat anak.
Tu baru sorang!

November 22, 2010 - A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

MC. Malas nak gi office.
31 weeks of pregnancy is not giving me enough sleep already!
Esok ada check up...
Malas malas malas...

Anyway, here's what we did today!
When Qis plays with mama's phone:

When Qis complains that her fringe is already too long... But Mama is too lazy to take her to the saloon:
~ Step 1 ~

~ Step 2 ~

~ Step 3 ~

~ And walla! Shorter fringe and saves you RM5 :) ~

And when mama feels like eating doughnuts:
~ We bake cupcakes...No, it's not doughnut but these'll do just fine... Long gone before mama gets to ice them... And we broke the mixer during the process so no more baking until we buy a new one! * sad * Oh well, the mixer is around Qis's age anyway... It has served me well enough ~

And photo of the day:
~ Messy little missy ~

November 21, 2010 - Sikit dah settle, banyak lagi nak kene fikir!

Patut nye tadi kami ke kenduri kawin anak Mak Su kat Gombak...
Sekali Daddy kata dah lewat, kita gi jalan-jalan je lah!
Oohoooo I laaiiikkee jalan-jalan...

Ingat nak gi WangsaWalk, bleh mam A&W...
Dah sampai Wangsa Maju, Daddy ajak gi Jusco pulak,
Bleh tengok baju sekolah Qis kate die...
Susah tau Daddy nak ajak-ajak ni... Kalau die dah ajak tu ade lah tu... *wink*
Aku pung OK Daddy! I ikut jea mane you nak pegi!

Sampai je Jusco gi melantak dulu kat Food Court.
Tak dapat jugak Claypot Nasik Ayam.
Takde pulak. Menyampah!
Nampaknye meleleh la air liur baby ni esok...
Dah bape bulan nak claypot tak dapat2... huhu

Lepas tu operasi menyerang Jusco!
Naik je atas nampak kasut sekolah...
Comel bangat. Siap ada bunga kat strap nye baru RM20.
Ingat nak beli kasut je la... Mama tengah pokai kan...
Sekali Daddy suruh tengok baju sekolah Qis pulak...
Amik la sepasang baju kurung, sepasang pinafore, tudung and 'baju kecik'...
Macam tu pun seratus lebih... alahai duit...
First time beli baju sekolah... Tak tau la kalau ade tempat lain yang jual lagi murah...
Kat Jusco ni brand Canggih tu Baju harga lain, kain harga lain...
Sepasang baju kurung dah RM35+...
Sepasang Pinafore RM34+

Lepas tu Daddy jalan ke Baby's Department pulak...
Kate dia beli la sikit2...
Sikit2 pun seratus lebih jugak...
Memang la zaman sekarang ni 50 hengget pun takde harga...
Ape yang aku beli?
Mebbe ade yg tak perlu kot... macam botol susu tu... Sebab baby baru lahir mana pakai botol kan?
Entah. Dah lama sangat. Aku pun tak ingat ape yang nak kene beli...
So yang aku beli:
- 2 pasang mittens & booties
- Napkin 1 pack ade 10 helai
- Binder baby (barut) sehelai (Sebab adik ipar kate ade banyak... kalau tak sempat nak pi amik kat Klang nun esok baru aku beli lagi)
- Baby wipes
- Maternity Pads
- Set Baby bath (bau baby ni buat aku seram skit...tapi best bau baby...tingat mase Qis kecik2 dulu)
- Botol Susu and brush (tak perlu kot buat masa sekarang kan?)
- Diaper Pants 2 pasang (Seingat aku Qis dulu klu duk umah pakai napkin je... alas dgn mende ni. Kalau aku tak keje bleh la layan basuh napkin hari2...I dont mind ;P)
- Baju baby sepasang (hehe patut baju la berpasang2 kan? tunggu ma gaji ye dik! ;P)

Enough to make me excited to see the baby.
Cant wait! :)

Balik rumah, Qis lagi excited!
Dalam kereta dia kata 'Saya sangat gembira!'
(Bahasa Qistina memang skema2 sikit... tak tau lah dari mana dia dapat? TV kot?)
Aku tanya kenapa? 'Sebab shopping barang saya dan barang adik! Thank you Daddy! Thank you Mommy!'
Ngehehe sok kene belajar rajin2 ye anak... ;P

Balik umah terus nak try.
Siap cakap dengan adik 'Kakak ada beli barang adik!'
Pastu dia tanya aku adik jawab ape?
Ngehehe adik jawab 'Thank you kakak...'
And she smiled all the way... ;P

Pokai pokai pun ade jugak shopping ek...
Syukur Alhamdullillah...
Esok, esok punya ceritalah!
Malas mau fikir... :D

Daddy have 2 happy girls tonight!
Come Darling! I picit you... hihihi

~ Anak saye dah besar! *cry* :D Gamba pakai pinafore tunggu 1st day sekolah sok... bagi suprise! ~

~ Adik! Kakak dah beli barang adik! :D ~

~ Baru beli skit mama dah excited... ;P ~

November 20, 2010 - Sesi suai kenal

Tadi pepagi lagi da bangun...
(Tak de la pagi sangat pun... around 7)
Nasib baik sekolah dekat la sesangat dengan rumah.
Qis ada sesi suai kenal hari ni...
And it starts at 8AM...

And because the school is so near, I didn't want to drive there...
Kalau naik motor kan senang.
Tak yah nak parking2 lagi...
But daddy being daddy, he didn't wanna wake up...
Excuse tak sihat katenye.
Pagi2 dah buat orang menyampah.
Asal hal sekolah je, mama yang nak kene uruskan.
Daddy, you owe me twice!!
So terpaksalah bawak keter jugak ke sekolah.
Qis memang dah excited nak gi sekolah tu...
Sebab best friends dier semua ada katanye.
Nasib baik ramai parents yang suka2 hati je datang lambat, so berlambak la parking...
(Yes, I still suck at parking the car)

And yes, sampai2 je, the first person that she saw was Maya.
Her best friend at Smart Reader.
As usual lah, terus mama dier jadik invincible.

The children were sorted into 7 classes,
Ade assessment. Just to see whether they got the basics or not like spelling and reading.
As per the principal, yang tak de basicss tu akan di tempat kan dalam kelas khas so that more attention can be given to them.
Bagus pemikiran pengetua neh! Aku suka! ;P
Alhamdulillah, Qis managed to answer every questions but we have to wait for 2 more weeks before we can find out which class she will be assigned to.

Sambil bebudak buat assessment, parents dengar taklimat dari principal kat dewan.
Aku duduk row depan sekali OK!
With Maya's mom.
101% focus.
Mestila... first time anak nak masuk sekolah nih... Bukan hari2... Anak pun baru nak masuk 2!
It ended after 2 hours... Then bawak Qis gi mam roti canai!
Her favorite breakfast... Tadi pagi tak sempat.
Sorry darling.

Now we(I) have to ensure everything below is done!
Standard 1 checklist:
1) Transport
2) School Uniform
3) Train her how to use money properly (So now whatever she wants at home, air milo ke nugget ke, Qis kene beli dari mama)
4) Contact the school in 2 weeks time to find out which class she'll be in
5) Go back for Orientation and text books on December 31

Letih jadi mama? Yes.
But is it fun? Yes!!

November 19, 2010 - Bila hari hujan...

What happens when it's raining outside and you have 2 bored girls in the house?
We get to play with make up!
Besides I feel so fat and ugly lately...
My big tummy and lack of sleep do not do any good with my confidence level at all…!

Here are the clowns!

~ princess in pink ~

~ Mama pun nak! Dunno why green?? ~

~ One more snap bie! Then gi cuci muka OK! ~

Girls are so much fun~~

November 18, 2010 - Masih beraya...

Yeap... I'm at home today!
Too lazy to drive.
And I couldn't care less.
Not after knowing that they're ending the project in 2 months time...
Just about when the baby's coming.
They haven't decide what to do with the remainder of my contract yet, which should be until April 2011 but I don't think they will pay me to go on maternity leave when the project is no longer around.
Oh well, maybe something good will come out of it.
Maybe I'll get a better job somewhere in KL.
Something I could actually look forward going to everyday.
I’ll think about it when I have to think about it…
Timing timing timing…

Now, back to the main story, my Aidiladha…

Decided to cook kuah kacang (Again. After failing on the last attempt)
Lebihkan minyak!! Kata maksu… That’s the secret rupenye…
Masak sikit je… dalam 250gm kacang..
1 – takut membazir.
2 – takut tak jadi
3 – malas nak buang kulit kacang… (nasib baik ada Qis, tolong tiup kulit kacang kat luar – fun )
And yeay! Nasib baik jadi! Mekasih ye maksu! ;P
Daddy pun cakap adelah jugak serinya kali ni… Hiks.

That and rendang ayam sikit, buat makan-makan kat rumah je…

Start masak dalam kul 10 malam… Kul 12 lebih baru siap…
Macam masak banyak je kan.
Maklum la orang jarang gi dapur…
Nasib baik ade pembantu kecil tolong basuh pinggan (Asking me to check if the dishes are clean or not) and kupas bawang.
Berseri-seri muka dia bila kena puji… pandai anak mama ni tolong mama… ;P

~ Pembantu kecil saya ~

Thank you darling! Whatever would I do without you?

Esoknya dah terlajak sikit bangun tidur. Terus pergi ke Damansara.
Kan Tok Ma ada kat sana…
Adik beradik daddy yang lain semua dah ada…
Berkumpul macam biasa, makan-makan…catch up with things…
Qis gets to play with her relatives…
Petang dah balik coz today is working day (as if)…

And this is Qis mengucapkan Selamat hari raya Aidiladha!

November 15, 2010 - Hari pertama kami...

Kembali bekerja setelah sekian lama hidup tak serupa orang...
Today is Daddy's first day with Huawei.
Baru first day dah kene OT... Dah maghrib pun tak balik lagi...
Keje keras OK darling! ;P

Aku pulak berjaya jugak membangunkan diri yang baru nak terlena kul 7.30 pagi tadi...
Kali pertama aku gi ofis dengan muka bogel dan jeans 3/4.
Selalu pakai lah jugak foundation.
Maklumlah kulit cam ape...
Kalau licin cam kulit telur memang takde heran aku nak pakai mekap!
Dah tu first day aku masuk keje dulu HR kate dress code ialah casual.
Selalunya adalah jugak inisiatif nak berpakaian cam orang keje dalam ofis...
Tapi hari ni mood aku memang bebetul casual.
Tak cukup tido.
Janji sampai ofis.
Tapi kalau aku tau temp girl tu comel lote orang nye memang aku pakai mekap ok!
Segan jap makcik masa handover tadik...

~ Muke bogel ni akan ikut aku pergi ofis sampai aku da meletup esok... ~

Masuk kul 8 lebih, kul 5 dah cau.
Tak tahan. Ngantuk giler!
Kalau keretaku itu ade Auto pilot takpe jugak.
Bleh aku tido sambil keter tu bawak aku balik umah.
Tapi Alhamdulillah... Selamat gak aku sampai.
Walaupun hujan punye la lebat kat Bukit Jalil masa aku keluar tadi... Kat highway dah tak hujan...

Semalam keluar gi makan dengan my besties... Sape lagi... Dayang, Min and Ela...
Qis dan Mia pun ikut sekali...
Cik Dayang belanje Yellow Cab.
Rezeki jangan di tolak kan...
Sambil budak2 kecik dua ekor tu mengayat abang2 pizza tu,
sempat la catch up dengan pompuan2 nih...
Lame tak hang out sesame...
Rindu! Hehe
Tapi ni je la gambo yang sempat di curi... Yang lain dekat Min...
~ Cam anak dara betul Qis dalam gambar ni... hilang comel sumer! tapi bile time main memang hilang ke anak dara an tu ~
~ mak buyong & mak buyong ~

OKler.. budak kecik ni dari tadik duk membebel tak benti2...
Ade je la bende yang dier nak cakap.
Aku pun da dengar tak dengar.
Nak menaip pun jadik hilang idea.
Dengan ngantuk lagi.
Dengan fikir nak basuh baju lagi.
Sampai sini je...
Ni update gedik namenye.

November 13, 2010 - There's a first time for everything...

Last night we went to see Kay at C****a Inn...
Kesian dia bosan...
Aku pun bosan gak.
Duk umah tengok Daddy, Daddy tengok muka aku.
Kang tak pasal-pasal benda kecik pun boleh jadi hal.
Since Qis pun dah tidur so kitorang pun pergi lah merempit 2 orang...
Sekali sekala merempit kat tengah-tengah malam ni syok gak.
Romantik gitu... (ye la sangat kan)
Gi melantak Mekdi berdua... cam zaman dolu2... cewah. ;P

We lepak, borak, makan sampai la kul 3.30 pagi.
Dalam tu sempat aku angkat sepasang contact lens dari dia.
Cheap! RM50 (Of course aku dapat special prize kan) Can last up to 1 year...
Selalu aku beli RM30 bleh tahan 3 months jea.
So memang berbaloi-baloi...
I think a lot of people are using this brand now - Geo from Korea?
They are super soft! So tak rasa macam pakai lens.
Unlike Freshkon (speaking from experience)
Yang paling penting lens tu tak bergerak-gerak...
Kalau tak confirm bila ambil gambar, mata jadi juling...
I don't dare to use weird colors like green or blue so I took brown.
It makes my big eyes looks bigger! ;P
Natural even without make up!
Dah macam iklan contact lens la pulak kan?
P/s: Rasa macam nak try grey color... ;P

Anyway, dalam borak-borak tu sempat aku tanya Kay pasal baju untuk wedding kawan dia this Sunday.
And mulut ku yang gatal ni has costs me something I have never done before.
Alter baju orang.
Dah la baju mahal OK... memang aku tak berani...! And I have told her this tapi kata dia - camne nak maju kalau tak cuba... boleh?
Adoi jangan nanti rosak ko suruh aku ganti dah la... tak larat makcik!

Yang tang baju dia suruh kecikkan sikit...
Yang tang kain, dia suruh tukar jadi pario.
Adoi. Memang mencabar sebab aku nih jahit baju pun tak reti...
Ni kan pulak nak alter.
Memandangkan dia mintak tolong la sangat-sangat sebab nak pakai esok (Sabtu), terpaksalah aku cuba...

Hasilnya, Alhamdulilah.... Nasib baik tak hancur baju anak orang ni aku keje kan.
Tang baju aku usik skit je la tapi...
Kecikkan tang belakang.
Tak berani nak lebih2 ler...

Tang kain tu siap dengan tali aku jahitkan.
Ha amik hang pario.
Cik Hanie, lepas ni jangan gatal mulut nak tanya-tanya pasal baju orang na...

On another note. Kan aku dah kena start monitor pergerakkan baby...
Tapi baby ni tak aktif sangat la...
nak dapat kan sampai 10 kali sehari pun susah...
Maybe sebab aku tido most of the time so tak perasan...
Is it normal?
Hati ni risau selagi tak rasa dia bergerak tau!
Takpe next check up sok aku nak tanya la nurse tu camne...
Harap-harap takde ape-ape ye anak?

30 weeks! Wow!
10 more to go...

November 10, 2010 - Scared to death

Okay, the title might be a bit exaggerated!
But I am scared.

Last night before we went to bed, we chatted a bit and somehow we talked about the baby…
How we have to go through pampers and baby formulas all over again…
It’s been 6 years since!
But it wasn’t until he mentioned the word ‘Botol Susu’ that I realize that I am terrified!
I imagined myself with a baby’s bottle and I got scared.
Going through labor again... berpantang…
Can I do this again?
What was I thinking?

Raising a child is never easy.
But he said we did it with Qis.
And we weren’t prepared for it back then.
She turns out to be fine. Isn’t she?
Lagi banyak obstacles back then.
And we survived just fine. Still are.
All we can do for now is hope for the best and try our best to make things work…
Insyaallah everything will be fine.

Just look at this face…
Aww how can I not want another one?


Anyway, I slept around 5 plus this morning and woke up at 10.30am.
Not bad huh~
Used to get out of bed around 3pm!
Going back to work on the 15th...

Daddy got the job with Huawei but he has another interview with AmAssurance at 3pm.
Congratulations Daddy!
You were right… Things are going to be OK somehow.
For the baby… For us...

I worry too much.

P/S Abg got a baby girl at 1.50am this morning! Congratulations! Nama belum tau... ;D 3 days in labor... can you imagine?

November 8, 2010 - Dier cucuk tang sini, dier cucuk tang situ...

Ape lagi...
Monthly check up la... ;P

Hari ni appointment pukul 2 petang so Mek Tok (Qis) pun sebok nak ikut.
Dah balik sekolah kan?
Potong jea peluang I nak merempit dengan Daddy tau...
Ni la peluang aku nak naik motor dengan Daddy.
Malas nak naik keter. Nak meredah jem sme.

Tapi bagus gak Mek Tok ni ikut...
Takdela aku bosan menunggu sensorang.
Standard la... Klinik kerajaan, kalau tak sampai sejam stengah tak sah...!
Kate free.... ;P

Lepas routine check, dier cucuk tang jari untuk check darah.
Aunty (Aunty la kot. Sempat tengok IC no kat name tag dier 62****) nurse tu tegur Qis, 'Nak pergi naik beskal ke bawak helmet tu?'
Yang sorang pulak kate, 'Takut batu jatuh atas kepala ke pakai helmet dik?'
;P Yea dia pakai helmet roller skate dier sebab tak jumpe helmet motor dier letak mane...
Bila dah siap amik darah, nurse tu tanye aku plak, 'ini sape?'
Aku jawab ler anak...
Bleh pulak dier buat terkejut kat situ sambil berkata dengan lantangnye 'Anak??' Siap tanya Qis lagi untuk confirm. Bleh?
'Saya ingatkan adik...'
Agaknya zaman sekarang ni pompuan umur baya2 aku baru nak start buat anak kan...
Sekali anak aku dah nak masuk sekolah rendah..
Yea makcik nurse, family saye sumer advance2 belaka bab buat anak ni...

Lepas tu amik pills cam biasa.
Check heart beat baby... Manyak laju woo... But I guess that's normal.
Sebokla si Mek Tok ni tanya aku time tu soalan2 seperti: Baby kenape ma? Baby buat ape ma? Baby OK ke? ;P
Tu sebab aku panggil dier Mek Tok hari ni...
At least dia concern hal adik dier... kan?

Then aku kene jumpe Aunty nurse tu lagi sebab nak cucuk kancing gigi...
Sambil2 tu sempat dia tanya aku kawin muda ke?
Aku jawab la ha'ah je...
Memang zaman skank standard orang kawin umur dah nak masuk 30...
Jadi agak pelik la bila aku ade anak nak masuk darjah 1...
Welcome to my world yea. ;P

Lepas ni kene start monitor pergerakan baby.
And kene datang check every 2 weeks.
Owh malasnye.

November 7, 2010 - Guess where we went to play cards all night?

Yesterday abah went to Bukit Tinggi for uncle's son's birthday.
Then later petang he called and said uncle would be delighted to have us there and sing karaoke with him.
So kitorang pun naik la atas bukit tu dengan Kay.
By the time we got there around 8PM, the birthday boy has already left.
Ade event lain with his friends.
And memang Uncle and abah panggil untuk kitorang nyanyi karaoke je.

Nasib baik bawak main singer.
Biar dier yang nyanyi tuk kitorang as usual.
P/S: I LOOOVE the potato salad! Lupe nak tanya aunty camne nak buat... ;P

~ Atok and his 'toys' ~

~ Uh oh! Look at my tummy! ~

~ Mangsa nyanyi ~

Then around 11PM we left Bukit Tinggi and headed to...
Genting Highland!
Tak plan pun nak pergi.
Saje je jalan-jalan, makan angin...
It was obviously late to go to the theme park and all...
So we just spent the whole night playing cards while Qis tidur dengan nyenyaknya...
We figured if we sleep confirm tak terbangun tuk check out.
Baik tak tidur dari tak cukup tidur!
By 8.30PM battery semua dah out so we decided to head back to KL.
Sampai rumah tidur sampai petang!
Jauh kan kitorang pergi main card?

~ Gmuk gmuk gmuk! ~

Oh yea, we stayed at Genting Resort Hotel.
I didn't take any photo of the room. I figured there'll be tonnes of it if I Google.
And I was so right! ;P

Not bad at all.
Or should I say, not a bad place to play cards all night - at all!

I only slept for 6 hours today hence I am still sleepy...
Gonna doze off now.

Here's photo of the day.
~ Just love Qis's face expression on this one! ~