October 30, 2010 - Desperate

I am desperate to change my sleeping hours.
Time tido sekarang ialah 4 or 5 AM and time bangun 3 or 4 PM!
1PM if I am very lucky!
Lagi2 on Thursday and Friday bile-bile ade Desperate Housewives Re-run on Star World.
(Daddy pun layan... ;P The more the merrier kan...)
Camne ha nak tukar?
Everyday before I go to sleep, mesti cakap esok aku mesti bangun awal!
Tapi tak boleh...
Owh masalah ape kah ini...
Camne nak start keje...?

Sian kat Qis.
Nasib baik dia pandai jaga diri.
I told her many times tho, if you're hungry or you need anything just wake me up.
She never did.
She never complained.

It makes me feel like crap.

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