October 21, 2010 - At least he had fun, I just tumpang...

Jalan jugak plan nak gi melalak semalam walaupun mood aku agak spoiled.
One of my friend who cancelled said she'll come but then cancelled again at the very last minute.
Not cool.
And Kay (my cousin cum one of BFF) pulak sampai after an hour due to personal reason at home 30 miles away.
At least she's there.
Daddy had the most fun.
What was supposed to be 'me and friends' little outing' turned out to be his little gathering with some of his old friends.
At least the night didnt go to waste.
We (I) went home smiling.

~ So this is Kay and yes she can really sing like a pro ~

~ Yours truly & Daddy ~

~ Daddy and his old superfriends ~

~ Participants of the night (well some of it) ~

And my favorite photo of the day:

~ Abang adik yg 'langsi' ~

This will be our last outing until the baby is born.
Cian baby caye...
Dier gi kaloke semalam yea...

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