September 2, 2010 - Sabar separuh dari iman?

I was released early from work today.
Pukul 1.30pm dah cabut.
I guess my bosses can see that I was not well.
Rasa macam nak demam.
Lagipun kerja semua dah siap.
It was nice to 'sail' on the road once in a while.
No traffic.

But when I reached home, I wish I am at work.
Things are not good around here every time it's Ramadhan.
For some people, Ramadhan means not eating and just sleep throughout the whole day.
Then they become grumpy.
Marah-marah tak tentu pasal.
Di mana ketenangan aku di bulan Ramadhan?
If this is any other day, I would have scream my lungs out.
I don't mind arguing at all!
But, I am fasting.
Ya Allah, sesungguh nya aku sedang berpuasa...
Kau tunjuk kan lah padanya cahaya Ramadhan.
Semoga tergerak hatinya untuk berubah.

I just want to be happy...
It that means living my life without you, so be it.
I will be on silent mode until you change.
This is Day 2.

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