July 29, 2010 - Owh so random!

First note: Bile kite rindu kat orang tu, tapi dia balik dan terus tengok ikan kesayangan dia si kelisa. Memang hampeh! Pbth!

Patutnya today ada appointment di klinik ibu & kanak-kanak at 9AM but he's still sound asleep and it's 10AM!!
Malas nak kacau!
Penat kot? Drive jauh semalam?
* I dont give a damn mode on *
If he doesnt care about his baby then why should I.
OK I blame the stupid hormone for that cruel statement.
Sorry baby! Ma loves you no matter what! ;P

Anyway, after a few weeks (finally after a long battle against laziness) I managed to complete the 2nd blouse for Qistina.
Practice makes perfect it is!
Yup. I must say it is much better this time.
Baru boleh jahit satu lagi (maybe with a matching skirt) untuk raya.

2 days ago, I went out with Dayang, Min and the girls.
We had dinner at The Yellow Cab,near Heritage Row.
On Min. Thanks babe!

~ Qistina & Mia ~ They get along pretty well! Just like me and Dayang...

~ The girls ~

~ Me & the girls ~

Fun night out.
Bile lagi nak kuar. Next week Min dah balik ke Dubai after her wedding...
I'm gonna miss her...! Qis pun... No doubt!

So semalam we went out again.
Just me, Min and Qis.
Bawak budak kecik tu gi KLCC.
Nak main playground. The weather was nice yesterday.
And I bought 2 more Little Black Dress's books at Kinokuniya.
I ran out of books to read after I finished with the last one at my MIL's house last weekend.
Tempted to buy another sewing book, but... buku yang lagi satu tu pun tak try semua project lagi so...

I kind of collecting them for Qistina when she grows up!
(As if...) ;P
The last book I read, Italian for Beginners really sucked me into Rome.
It is a delightful story, loaded with lots of evocative images of Rome.

On the other hand, Min minta tolong saya gubahkan barang hantarannya.
Pandai sangat lah saya ni kan?
I will try my best babe!
So this will be the first time I'm doing it!
I'm off googling for ideas!

Oh before that! A special note for Dayang Atiqah... the best friend I've ever had,
Even tho she can be a bitch sometimes (but then again who doesnt ey?)
Happy birthday!
God bless you!
Stay hot!
Moga cepat dapat jodoh!
Love yah!

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