July 18, 2010 - The things that made my Sunday

I had to work on Saturday.
Which is shitty coz I spent the whole Saturday at work with Bubu.
And got home flat tired.

I even work on Sunday morning when my friends, Dayang and Jasmine came over with Mia.
Dayang's little girl.
It was nice to have your good friends spent the Sunday with you at home.

But this definitely made my Sunday a good one!

My first ultra sound!

Lepas chat dengan adik semalam, terus aku gi buat ultrasound dengan Mine.
Mine is expecting too! :D
But still too early for her to do an ultrasound.

Hello baby! Good to see you for the first time!
Masa doc scan, baby tu move. But it's still too small for me to feel it.
Min cakap macam buat ago-go.
Ahahaha the baby's saying hi to me lah!

Everything looks normal.
The heartbeat is fine.
And is at the size that it should be!
Syukur Alhamdulillah!
*Secretly praying for a Qaiser, but Qaisara would be nice too! ;P

Am going again after 3 months to find out it's gender... (3D? maybe..)
Harap baby ma sihat! Amin!

Before that I went to get this from the online shop owner. Free COD! :P
Tak sedor perut dah besor... Macam muat je nak pakai kan!

~ That's not me. I bought the shirt. Tapi bile aku pakai jadik dress pulak. I love it anyway~

Then lepas Maghrib, we all went to Tesco with Mine.
Suka betul Qistina. Mane tak aunty Mine rajin melayan!

So that was my Sunday.
I am sleepy now.
Gnite baby, Gnite Qistina, Gnite Daddy.
Gnite all..


Dda Ly said...

ahaaaaah!sgt exciting kan bile nampak bb dlm perut..:) owh i miss that moment..huhuh

rase cam kite jumpe baby laa..:) nnt pgi check lg tauuu..obat jgn lupe makan..hihi

mak long said...

sgt seronok! ;P lelagi bile dier move.

;P baek maksu!