April 8, 2010 - Unmotivated and sick

My state of mind is not very good today.
I am highly unmotivated.
I’m tired of looking for a new job & attending interviews,
Waking up at 5am to go to work that is going to end in 2 weeks time.
I just don’t want to do anything anymore.

The interview with BAT went well in a sense that I managed to answer every question.
But I was competing with an internal candidate.
My experience in Human Resouces tells me that they interviewed an External candidate to fulfill the Labour Policy which is - A company has to open the position externally and interviewed an external candidate before they can offer the position to an internal.
And they didn’t call me yesterday so I guess I don’t have a chance.
I need a big break anyway.

On another hand, I feel like something is wrong with my body system.
Heaty maybe.
I sweat almost all of the time.
I have ulcer at least 2 at a time – Almost all of the time.
I have 5 right now. So it’s fustrating cause it’s impossible to eat.
And a serious case of anxiety.
I think I might have hyperthyroidism.
Yes. I googled it up.
But I’m too scared to do blood test. Just hate needles.
Lately I couldn’t sleep well and it’s driving me crazy.
So maybe I might just go and do the bloody blood test anyway.
Later later.

Sucks to be me right now.

Daddy’s always working late.
He even works on Sunday.
We barely have time to chat.
It’s sucks not to have someone to share your daily stuff with.

Inspite of everything that sucks, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
Going out with my BFF, Jasmine and Dayang.
We’re going clubbing together for the last time because Mine is going to Dubai somewhere in the middle of April.
Gonna miss her.
I need a break. Remember?


Dda Ly said...

maklong, tlg pgi wat checkup yea???skang ni bahaye..mcm2 penyakit dtg...so pliz!!kalau tak takmo kawan!!

kalau ulcer mcm yg saye salu kne...boleh try makan vit c banyak2..nnt ulcer tu ilang..and, minum air masak bebanyak ok...moga2 cepat sembuh...jgn pandang remeh!

mak long said...

Baik maksu! ehehhe taktau la biler... ;P