April 22, 2010 – Good bye friends…

I bought these as a souvenier yesterday.
A cute doughnut keychains for me and Qistina.
It looks good and smells good too!
Beli masa tengah lapar… sib baik tak makan…!

Tomorrow will be our last day with NCR…
Some of us are still looking for a new job…
And some of us are lucky to have found a new job.
I am grateful to be one of the lucky ones.
I’ll start with BAT next Monday.

I will miss the view,
I will miss the shopping malls around me,
I will miss the traffic free road as we work on shifts.
And most of all I will miss my lovely lovely colleagues.
My friends for the past 3 years.
We laughed and share stories with each others.
Stories about our children, life, family,
We share videos, movies and the love for SATC.
We share the hatred towards our superiors,
The gossip, the sales, the shopping, the pot luck.
Now I feel like crying…

I feel anxious.
New place, new environment, my ability to perform.
New people.
Who wouldn’t be scared right?
I’m too comfortable with everything and then suddenly everything has to change.
The resistance to change.

I have to remind myself, I have bounced back through so many hard times.
I will get through this one. I will!
Time will heal the wound of being apart with you guys.

I know I’m going to miss being able to shop during lunch hour.
Times Square, Sg Wang, Lot 10 and Pavillion…
Imbi and Low Yatt sometimes…


Let’s hope for the best.


Dda Ly said...

awwww sangat sedih! benci last day kan? tapi tak pe, pembaharuan yg akan merubah idup..:)

p/s : gilo nak makan donut getah!

Hanie Ly said...

Dda: benci...tak suka perubahan... it's normal kan? i hope.
p/s span pun aku bleh makan... hehehe

illafira said...

yup.. its normal.. aku dl ms nak blah dr hsbc pun camtu.. miss my fren a lot..