April 12, 2010 – The first so-called-dress

I tried to sew a dress for Qistina last week.
Memandai-mandai sendiri.
No pattern whatsoever.
And the skirt turns out to be not as twirly as I imagined it to be.
But she liked it…
as long as the ribbon is tied to her own liking.

She doesn’t like the dress tube style.
so she forced a smile;

She definitely likes it this style tho,
look at how she smile and posed for the photo!

I will definitely be making more dresses and skirts for her!

p/s interview with Scomi this Thursday… *sigh*


Dda Ly said...


Mak long said...

lawa apo tak semenggah tu ha... byk lagi nak kene blaja... ;P

illafira said...

rajin ko menjahit..

Hanie Ly said...

takde pe nak buat... tunggu laki aku blk tu bosan duk umah... ;P