March 8, 2010

I had a blissful weekend!
On Saturday my abah have a family meeting at Dato Keramat.
My princess wanted to follow him because she wants to play with her friend, Nurin.
So we drop them off and then off to Wangsa Walk Wangsa Maju.

Dating time!
After lunch, kitorang pergi tengok phone untuk Tok Ma.
Niatnye nak beli yang murah aje.
Sekali ter-beli phone untuk diri sendiri!
It’s about time I change my phone anyway.
My N70 is almost 3 years now.
And I don’t fancy a Blackberry or Iphone.
Too… ‘young’ for me I guess.
I heart…

Thanks Daddy!

Singgah home d├ęcor shop.
And bought a vintage clock for Tok Ma,
Nak bodek sebab nanti nak minta dia ajar aku menjahit kan? ;P
And 2 table lamps.
I heart these table lamps!

Later around midnight we head off to Tok Ma’s house and spend the night there.
I couldn’t sleep.
We. Couldn’t sleep.
1- Banyak nyamuk!
2- The electric kept tripping. So we have to get up and turn it back on. Kalau tak tahan la panas dgn nyamuk.
So I feel asleep around 6.30am and woke up around 9.

I’m so glad that this baby is finally mine!
Even though it can be considered as antique.
I love it!
That afternoon beli barang-barang jahitan and terus belajar menjahit baju kurung dengan tok ma.
Lesen number 1 = potong kain.
Kacang goreng!
This is the hardest part, for me.
Jahit keliling leher.
Never knew it’ll be so hard to sew a circle with a sewing machine!
Nampak macam senang kan?
So this week aku kena hantar kain untuk jahit tepi dan practice jahit bulatan.
Susah tau! Nak jahit bulatan tepi leher nih!

Tapi nasib baik Tok Ma nak ajar aku menjahit.
Anak dia pun pergi sekolah menjahit.
Terime kasih Tok Ma!

Itu weekend aku.
Tadi aku pergi Interview dengan British American Tobacco di TPM Bukit Jalil.
Kalau ada rezeki aku dan keluarga, dapat la kerja tu.
Doakan ye!

Since I’m a lousy the driver, it’s an achievement to drive from KL to Bukit Jalil!
Yeay me!
And thanks to google map also.
And Daddy for showing me the way on Friday night.

Hoping for the best!

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