March 3, 2010

Saye pulak yang excited lebih-lebih.

So today we gave Baby Damia a visit at Naluri.
At 2.05kg, she’s sooo tiny!
Congratulation baby sister!
Have to catch up with you now!
I still wonder what her secret is really.
Finishing her degree, with 3 kids on tow plus tiny Damia, working, mommy-ing,
One word;


My Princess and the baby and my mom at the back.

Newest family member - Nur Addriana Damia.

On the other hand, Abiey’s standard 1’s registration is settled. For now.
Thank God!
All I have to do now is go back in August to confirm.

After 6 days off, I’m soooo not in the mood to go back to work tomorrow.
But then Nicole said my supervisor will be on leave tomorrow and Friday.
So they’ll be happy to log in for me.
That means I can come in late.

2 months more with NCR.
I am actually counting the days.
I could get use to being a full housewife.
Send my princess to school.
Stay at home, sewing and crafting during the free time and do house chores.

Totally bliss.

But if I look at the situation financial wise,
I might change my mind later.

We’ll see.

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