March 19, 2010 - Bubu In Wonderland

Bubu followed me to work yesterday and today…
Just because she likes to play with the whiteboard.
And everyone in the office is just too nice towards her lah…
Thanks guys!

Bubu and the expensive play book Nicole bought for her...
Baik hati sungguh kawan saye yang sorang tu...
I wont buy Bubu something that expensive.

Today we watched Alice in Wonderland,
Johnny Depp sangat memikat hati… even though he looks like this:

He plays the Mad Hatter.
I love the movie.
Who ever likes Alice in Wonderland will like the movie.
Children will not though.
It’s more like an adult version of Alice in Wonderland.
Bubu wants to go back after 30 minutes.
We stayed till the end anyway.

I’m in the middle of my first sewing project.
Cusion cover.
Maybe I can finish it over the weekend.
Nantikan hasilnya dari saya yang pertama kali menjahit dengan menggunakan mesen jahit ni ye...


Dda Ly said...

owhhh saye lupe nak tye nape qis ikut kamu ke opis...:D

gud luck dgn sewing project k?of coz laa x saba nak tgk hasilnye...*wink*

Hanie said...

Da: saje cuti skool... bile lagi nak bawak.. pasni da xde chance... ;P