March 02, 2010

Lepas Abiey gi sekolah it's time to do house chores since I’m on leave.
Surprise surprise.
Tommy, the house cat has given birth to 5 cute kittens kat belakang rumah,
Next to my washing machine.
House cat tau bukan our pet.
Well not really.
Because we don’t really keep her.

Dulu mak dier pun beranakkan dier kat tempat yang same.
Agaknye keturunan dier memang suka beranak kat rumah kitorang.
So I spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to move them to a safer place.
Sebab aku nak basuh baju.
Takut nanti dorang kene air pulak.

First reaction: geli
After 10 minutes: kesian
Then: sewel sebab aku cube cakap dengan kucing tu.

‘Tommy, masukla dalam ni. Nanti anak-anak kau kena air,’

‘Degilla ko ni Tommy,’

After half an hour I gave up.
Load the dirty laundry into the washing machine and then stood there for what feels like forever to see if the access water could get to the cat and her kittens or not.

Nasib baik ok.
Kalau tak I don’t have a back up plan.

On the other hand,
Jap lagi I have to go find a cyber café to print out the registration slip.
An attempt to print it at home failed, because the roller rosak ke ape so the printouts became comot.

And then, I have to go to school #2 again to submit.
Hopefully it can be settled by today so that tomorrow aku boleh bermalas-malasan kat rumah.

And lastly, fetch my princess from school.


Dda Ly said...

haru nye kucing² tersebut...hahah
tp kalau aku jdi tommy yg boleh bercakap, i would reply..'yea laa aku degil ikut ko prangai ko la...':P hahaha

H.L said...

caittt... aku punye la berharap dier akan ebranak die tempat lain. mmg haru betul!