March 1, 2010

Amik leave 3 hari kononnye nak register sekolah rendah Qis untuk kemasukkan darjah 1.
Was ready to register since January.
Call sekolah tu dah 2 kali.
But was disappointed when the teacher told me to go to the other school at the other end of the housing area.
Yes it is nearer.
But appreciate it if they could inform me earlier to save time.
Plus, sempat la nak discuss dengan Daddy.
Kalau nak hanta Qis pergi sekolah #1, bleh je pakai alamat kawan2 yang berdekatan.

So I went to the other school anyway.
And guess what,
They told me that I need to register online, print the slip and go back again with the required documents.
And they expect all parents who walked in for the first time to know all this.
Hated them since I was 6 years old!

Nasib baik cuti 3 hari.
Sempat lagi buat ape yang patut tomorrow.

Another thing to consider.
Have a chat with the principal of Smart Reader’s Kid B.I just now.
And she said that a lot of parents’ yang register with school#1 ended up frustrated.
Because the teachers are not committed.
They’ll be busy promoting pusat tusyen masing-masing.
So it is better to send her to school #2.
Education wise School #2 is better.

Tapi satu suara lain kata, discipline wise, school #1 is better.

This is one of the times when our decision as a parent really matters.

But in the end I guess it’s up to us to educate our child with the best moral value and education.
I will keep on trying to be the best I can to be a good parent and to give the best of everything for my only child.
And the rest is up to Him to arrange.



I hope this is sufficient.

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