February 28, 2010

Something happened yesterday so we didn’t go to Ma’s house.
We went there this morning instead.
And surprisingly, I had a good time.
And for the first time in 6 years of marriage, I cook at my in-law’s place.
Goreng cekodok je pun.
It’s a good start still kan?
That is if goreng cekodok can be considered as cooking.
Oh and I learn how to cook Siakap 3 rasa from her.
That was our dinner.

I am going to buy a sewing machine.
My MIL is going to book it for us tomorrow.
Although it’s an old Singer model.
Secondhand for RM420 including an electric paddle.
Good enough for a beginner like me.
They have to polish it first.
Next week baru pergi amik.

I want to learn how to sew.
With my mom-in-law.
Maybe sewing can bond us.

Can’t wait.


Dda Ly said...

yeaaaa suda ade mesen jahitt??? seronoknyeaaaa..:)

Hanie Rosly said...

Baru baya deposit. Dis wiken baru pi amik... mesen lame aje... huhu