February 27, 2010

Lazy weekend.
He wants to go to his mom’s house.
Mendengarkan itu je pun da buat aku rasa malas.
Lemah longlai seluruh badan.

I’m not the kind who knows how to ‘mingle’ with the in-laws.
I would just sit there quietly minding my own business.
I don’t know what to do.
I feel like whatever I do is wrong.
Buat air ke, masak lagi la.
The only thing I can do without guilt is wash the dishes.

But it’s only fair that we give them a visit every once in a while.
Isn’t it?
So I told him, you have to take us go jalan-jalan first!
(So that we will spend less time in my in-law’s house)
Call me a bad daughter in law.
But I seriously think his mom doesn’t like me too.
So it’s a mutual feeling.

Maybe I am not trying hard enough to win her heart.

Let’s just face this for one day.
I’m happy when he’s happy.

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